Middle East e-payment conference tackles concerns

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Photo-Rev. Xanatos Satanicos
Middle East e-payment conference tackles remaining concerns in the retail sector. Photo: Rev. Xanatos Satanicos

Mobile commerce expert, Sammy Tuffaha, has called for marketing campaigns to raise public awareness of e-payment services in the MENA region, that promote the culture of electronic payment to national institutions and private sector companies.

Tuffaha made the comments during his participation in the Cards and Payments Middle East Conference 2013, which was recently held in Dubai World Trade Centre to acquaint attendees with taking the mobile commerce industry in the MENA region to the next level.

At the region’s largest smart card, payment and ID event, Tuffaha delivered a PowerPoint presentation in which he tackled the e-financial services currently used around the globe, their successes, and remedies to the challenges facing the implementation of mobile wallet.

Sammy Tuffaha; “Because of modern technologies and the quickly growing world of smart device security systems, cell phones have become one of the most vital economic tools that businesses utilize to boost their services and expand their business networks.

However, there are challenges that are still hampering the success of regional m-commerce industry, especially among people over 50 years old, in spite of the fact that most e-payment systems encompass groundbreaking security technologies that guarantee a high standard of user data protection. Lack of trust in mobile payment technologies, fear of fraud, and desire to obtain physical receipts when making a purchase are among these challenges.” — Sammy Tuffaha, mobile commerce expert

During a panel discussion about the wallet wars and competition between operators, Tuffaha said;

Sammy Tuffaha; “All concerned government agencies and private sector institutions should realize that joining efforts towards building an integrated and secure payment system is essential for providing effective products and services as well as enforcing a smooth transition towards a digital economy.”

Tuffaha stressed that smart device e-payment applications should continuously be developed to offer services that people need in their everyday life, such as payment and queries for banking, ticketing, money transfer, consumer loyalty programs, parking and transportation, health services and bill payment for utilities, communications, and various services.

Cards and Payments Middle East is the region’s largest smart card, payment and ID event that brings together payments and identity leaders from across the globe to share the latest practices and techniques in this field.

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