Middle East internet users to hit 413 mn by 2015

Image courtesy: Wikimedia Commons
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Middle East internet users (estimate) is 90 million and this figure will climb to 413 million by 2015. Just for the sake of comparison, the present population of Western Europe is 413 million which allows us a better insight into the significant number of new users who will soon be active on the internet in the future Middle East.

The use of the internet for business and pleasure is de rigueur in developed nations — and for emerging economies that want to compete in the international marketplace, ramping-up to developed nation standards and usage levels offers sizable rewards, and concomitantly, brings it’s own challenges.

Traditional forms of business communication have been completely superceded by online methodologies. The quality and speed of business has increased dramatically over the past decade due to the internet and such trends are of critical importance for businesses and individuals seeking to employ social media to enhance their professional brand or personal image.

Middle East Internet Use and Projections to 2015

The following informative infographic; Internet Usage In The Middle East, shows internet usage statistics and prevailing trends throughout the Middle East.

Middle East internet use in the Middle East is set to rise dramatically, going from the present 90 million, to 413 million by 2015.

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