Middle East Social Media Usage [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Middle East Social Media Usage [INFOGRAPHIC]

Back in 2002, the Internet had 569 million users – 9.1 percent of the global population, who spent on average, just 46 minutes a day online. Remember… ‘The Information Superhighway’?

Today, that figure is up to 2.27 billion! One-in-every-three people worldwide – spend an average of four hours a day online. The rapid increase in numbers has caused not only corporations to take notice, but also created opportunities for home-based businesses or working individuals to exploit the benefits of the large audience afforded by the use of social media.

A decade ago, people used the internet primarily for information sharing. While this primary purpose still holds largely true today, the evolution of social networking sites has become the leading cause for logging in.

Social media has presented a platform where people can share information and engage in healthy discussions to promote independent thought processes. While social networking sites are largely used for entertainment it is also one’s opinion about a movie, which, when shared on Facebook may influence another to watch it.

The intrinsic need of the human race to interact, has driven the success of social media in this still-young 21st century. With the influx of social networking sites came the opportunity to explore cultures, nationalities and most importantly, to communicate instantly with other individuals worldwide.

While it can be safely assumed that social media is increasing its penetration daily, the preference for the various social networking sites varies in the different regions and countries around the world.

This infographic from Go-Gulf.com takes a look at the use of social media in the Middle East demographic.

Social Media usage in the Middle East Infographic.
Social Media usage in the Middle East Infographic. Image –Go-Gulf
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