Mobile Marketing: 5 ways to find your target customer

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If you?re a crafty, emerging entrepreneur on the prowl for prospective target customers and would like to know how to capture their attention, well then, Mobile Marketing is the right way to go. Needless to say, it is of common knowledge that the gadget that people are most dependent on these days, is the mobile phone. This one ingenious creation of mankind has decisively enslaved its own creator. So any form of advertisement or marketing of your product through this device is sure to reach a significant number of people, thereby, maximizing the possibility of awareness among your customers.

So here are five strategies of mobile marketing that is sure to help you reach your customers.

1. Multi-media messaging (MMS) / Text messaging (SMS)

Now, you might wonder why I specified two methods under one point. I did so because, well, the both aren?t very different from each other. Now, SMS, albeit quick and efficient, often fails to catch the customer?s eye simply because it contains nothing other than boring-looking black-on-white text. Now MMS on the other hand, contains picture (which means colour, and colour is always good!), sound and text. Customers can choose to opt -in to your regular-notifications messaging list.

2. Mobile Internet

Make sure your advertisement reaches maximum number of mobile internet users by placing your ads in the most visited websites (Google, facebook, hotmail, yahoo, etc). Also ensure that your ads are quickly-loadable and that the contents are formatted to be mobile-friendly.

3. Mobile Apps

Offer free app downloads from your own mobile site. Once the oblivious customer has downloaded the free mobile apps, he can be barraged with a flurry of marketing ads of your product through these apps.

4. Mobile E-mail

Users of high-end multi-media phones constantly keep checking their e-mails via their phones while on the go. Draw them in with compelling ads and cajole them into signing up for a regular notification about sales/discount/special offers. Tempt them to sign up by promising them a discount on showing the e-mail coupon on their mobiles at the point of sale.

5. Mobile Search

When people are searching online through their mobiles, that means they are most probably on the move and so are looking for proximity of availability of the product. Attract such customers by providing in-built, easy-to-use maps and directions (something like a GPS facility that shows the nearest available shop) in your website which again, should be in quickly-downloadable, mobile-friendly format.

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