Mobile & Social Networks: The Big Profit Mantra For Businesses [Infographic]

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If internet opened up a pandora’s box of opportunities for businesses, internet on mobiles have amplified it many times over for both buyers and sellers. Customers now have their favourite brands just a click away with most brands opting for apps or presence on social network sites. As the realtime statistics from coupon machine indicates:

  • The total number of active users on Facebook via mobile is close to 1.57 billion, i.e. nearly 55% of the total active mobile users globally
  • 12 billion tweets are posted every month via mobiles
  • 2 billion pictures are uploaded on instagram every month using mobile devices
  • 23 billion pictures are shared using snapchat through mobile devices on a monthly basis
  • 45 million pins are sent from one user to another using mobiles on a monthly basis
  • 43 million LinkedIn job views are recorded every month on mobiles
  • 3 billion hours of youtube is watched on mobiles every month
  • WeChat records an average 8 billion audio calls every month
  • What’s App records close to a billion messages sent and received on a monthly basis through its apps

Mobile is THE future

The cardinal fact that these numbers highlight is that mobile on internet has really amplified the reach and accessibility of the businesses. Perhaps this is a key reason that led to the development of 350,000 apps in mere 36 months. More and more businesses are increasingly looking at the apps way and presence on internet to promote their businesses in a cost effective manner that include minimum expenses and maximum returns both in terms of reach as well as sheer profitability of the product at all platforms. This is exactly why at the current moment on any given day, as per the data provided by coupon machine:

  • 4 million products are purchased on Amazon using mobile devices
  • Alibaba clocks a revenue close to $13 million from mobile operations
  • Paypal’s mobile payments in US alone is close to 181 million on a daily basis
  • Starbucks mobile pay and order transactions equal 197,260 every day globally
  • Infact, Starbucks’ weekly revenue generated through the mobile app is nearly 20% of what it makes from transactions across all its US stores
  • Over 162,000 travel bookings take place through mobile apps

Realtime mobile usage statistics -Infographic

Therefore mobiles and applications are soon taking on the role of most preferred mode of conducting business, and promoting it as well.

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