Mobily-Google ?Connect?

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Etihad Etisalat Mobily, the Saudi telecommunications company, yesterday signed a contract to establish a ?strategic partnership? with the global Internet giant Google. The deal marks the first-of-its-kind initiative to be launched in the Middle East, and shall oversee the two technological corporations collaborate to extend the array of services the Saudi telecom provides to its customers within the region.

A major aspect of the collaboration is the merger of the ?Mobily Connect? and ?Google? brands that is accompanied by the launch of a ?Connect Google? package. The?value added package?shall enable subscribers to gain unlimited access to popular Google websites and services, including Youtube, Google Plus, Maps, Gmail, and Blogs.

Engineer Khalid Omar Al Kaf, Managing Director and CEO of Mobily, stated during the press conference that Google and Mobily share a ?passion for innovation? and are enthusiastic partners ?in a fierce race to get the new technologies?.

Mobily on a mission

Mobily seems to be pursuing an aggressive marketing strategy to exploit the vast potential offered by sharply rising Internet demand in Saudi Arabia. The telecom service provide slashed prices of its Internet broadband packages earlier this year as it attempts to snatch the number one spot within the?industry from its?biggest rival- Saudi Telecom Company (STC).

It further launched an innovative ?Smart Package? late last month which boasted of offering premium services in a cost-effective postpaid package. The introduction of the new?service indicated a strategy by the Etisalat-owned telecom to broaden the range of?products it offers?and provide?greater choice for its customers in terms of value for money.

Moreover, Mobily announced an additional perk in the beginning of Ramadan, offering free Internet access throughout the month to new subscribers as it?aspires to broaden its customer base and further expand its market share.

Google on a similar path

With its recent acquisition of Motorola Mobility this week, Google does seem to share the fiery ambition of its latest collaborator, as Al Kaf suggested.

After launching its latest venture, a social networking service called ?Google Plus?, the Internet search leader seems all set on a vicious ambition to crush its?most-threatening rival- Facebook- by stepping into the currently red-hot Web-gaming market.

The move does seem to have produced ripples in Silicon Valley, as barely hours after Google?s announcement Facebook retaliated by unveiling an attractive line-up of the latest gaming features for its popular website.

Nevertheless, Mobily?s ambition seems strikingly modest when compared to that of its global Internet giant, for Google doesn?t just want a larger slice of the pie, it seems to want it all.

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