Moon gets second term

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The United Nations (UN) General Assembly has unanimously voted Ban Ki Moon as the new secretary general, making this his second term in the office. The South Korean diplomat was elected by the 192 member body and will start his second term (for another five years) from January 1, 2012.

“I’m so proud of the fact that the leaders of not only advanced but also developing countries have actively expressed their support for Secretary-General Ban,” the South Korean President Lee Myung-bak said during a seven-minute phone conversation, according to his office. “All South Koreans are delighted.”

Ban is ?overwhelmed? with the results of the re-election and said this has contributed to improving South Korea?s status in the international world.

Ban has pledged to keep leading the world body as a “bridge-builder” at a time of global change.

Ban has won praise for his commitment to climate change, nuclear disarmament and women?s issues; he has strongly supported the pro-democracy movements in North Africa and Middle East and for the military intervention in Ivory Coast and Libya.

“We knew then and more so now that we live in an era of integration and interconnection, a new era when no country can solve all challenges on its own and where every country should be part of the solution,” Ban said.

The role of the United Nations, Ban said, is to lead the new interconnected world.

Sources: AP, Economic Times, Forbes

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