Mosaic of the Middle East

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By Shima

“Middle East, Mideast or Near East is the area around the south and eastern Mediterranean Sea, both sides of Red Sea and areas across the Gulf; from Iran to Morocco and Sudan to Turkey.” This is one of the definitions of Middle East region which is home to ancient civilisations such as Phoenicia, Babylon, Egypt and Persia. The region is also the birthplace of Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

This all-important region has had continuous economic and political turmoil during the current century. While the culture, thoughts and beliefs of the people are covered behind the clouds of conflict and hardship, the eyes are capturing the beauty and magnificence of this part of earth, a part that had been the cradle of civilisations. Let’s catch a glimpse of this magnificent place captured through the lens of photographers.

Nasir al-Molk Mosque, Shiraz, Iran. Photo -Marjana Zefran/
Umayyad Mosque, Damascus, Syria. Photo -Teo Jioshvili/
Hajj, Mecca, Saudi Arabia . Photo -Nassif Ahmed/
Al-Ula, Saudi Arabia. Photo – Jon Eric Lauritzen/
Nile River, Luxor, Egypt. Photo -Bruno Bengen/
Petra, Jordan. Photo – Herve Fucho/
Pigeons’ Rock, Beirut, Lebanon. Photo -Wael Massalkhi/
Horse, Giza, Egypt. Photo -Romona Robbins/
Empty Quarter Desert, Saudi Arabia. Photo -Muhannad Abu Ghdaib/
Noravank Monastery, Armenia. Photo -Andrew Brukhovetskyy/
Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem. Photo -Ilan Zimet/
Abu Manara Mosque, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Photo – Benjamin Thomas/
Wadi Rum, Jordan. Photo -Sheryl Akagi/
Zayed Mosque, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Photo – Nawfal Jirjees/
Temple of Hercules, Amman, Jordan. Photo – Danielle Courtenay/
Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Photo -Moriazi Mohamad/
Hagia Sophia, Istanbul, Turkey. Photo -Dogu Uygar Unay/
Luxor Temple, Egypt. Photo -Sandy Alexander/
Treasury at Petra, Jordan. Photo -Or Hiltch/
Koran, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Photo -by Maurizio Punturi/
Mural, Kurdistan, Iraq . Photo -Christopher De Bruyn/
Sema Ceremony, Istanbul, Turkey. Photo -Gokhan Canbaz/
Bride, Yemen . Photo -Punam Bean/
Dancer, Egypt. Photo -Marcus DiMaggio/



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