Mozilla to launch $25 Cell Phones: To Crack into the Smart Phone Market Smartly

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Mozilla to launch $25 smart phones in up and coming cell phone markets as a unique way of carrying out market penetration and capitalisation.

Mozilla Smartphone
Mozilla partners with Chinese semiconductor company Spreadtrum to launch $25 Smartphones

There was a time, not so long ago that cell phones came and revolutionised the global telecom sector. But as revolutionary as these were, when compared to the sleek and sophisticated cell phone models that rule the roost today, these were heavier, bulkier models that resembled mobile cordless phones more than anything else.

Over time, things did change and the mobile phone technology went to become ‘smart’ so to speak. Equipped with better technology and software, contemporary phones offer myriad services to users paving the way for reciprocation from potential users in an ever-growing market. But while services and technological assistance are innumerable, the cost of buying a cell phone has gone up considerably as well.

And therein lies the conundrum for the user. A cell phone that is enabled with hi-tech software, apps and features is often priced very highly which may put off users forcing them to opt for low-end cell phones thus compromising price and quality in the process. Though of course a lot of well-known cell phone manufacturers have found a way out to reconcile this gap between cost and services without compromising on quality, there is not much of a difference that’s been bridged.

But not for long, once Mozilla gets its pioneering mobile phone rolling into the commercial cell phone market. The company, whose internet browser Firefox made huge inroads cutting into the IE (Internet Explorer) corners, has announced at the ongoing Mobile World Congress at Barcelona to launch its latest platform of $25 smart phones teaming up with Chinese microchip company Spreadtrum very soon.

The most obvious question to ask would be – for such an economical price, what advantages would the phone offer to its users? To sum it up, numerous advantages as it would seem.

For starters, the phone is aimed for those users still using their ‘feature phones’ unable to meet the budgetary offering of the Android and iOS phones and will function on the Firefox OS. These phones will be equipped with almost all features that smart phones offer to these users including variety of apps – including Facebook and Twitter. They will be compatible with 2G, 3G and 4G communication systems and will be powered by HTML-5 applications, the latest of its kind.

Mozilla has also targeted a very specific area group to ensure that the $25 phone meets with a lot of takers. The company has focused its attention to the up and coming markets in cell phone operations so as to capitalise with its latest brainchild, thereby helping potential users to get hooked onto the whole ‘smart phone’ technological trend without much fuss. The launch date for the $25 phones too, is not that far at all and they are expected to hit the markets very soon this year, heightening the anticipation further with regard to the whole Firefox OS experience!

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