New airline from Fujairah

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Air passengers in UAE will have a new Fujairah-based low-cost airline in the coming year. The new carrier is expected to fly to touch all main cities in the gulf region. The carrier has plans to extend its services to the Indian subcontinent too.

The pricing model is based on very low-cost operations, yet offering full on-flight services to its customers.? However, there is no road trip to Dubai or Sharjah to catch a flight, the residents will have to travel to the airport on their own. The planned airline will also cater to the tourists entering the eastern region, business travelers and government officials.

The airline has received its AOC (Air Operator’s Certificate) in the UAE and has completed all the required formalities. It will serve as a feeder service to travelers who use other UAE hubs to travel to other parts of the world. The airline will be an additional option to passengers.

Source: Gulfnews

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