New Law on Lost and Abandoned Items in Dubai

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UAE Vice President and Prime Minister His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum has issued a new law on lost and abandoned items in the emirate of Dubai.

Dubai new law lost and found

-The new law aims to improve good citizenship in Dubai
-Found items to be reported to Dubai Police within 48 hours; violating could result in criminal charges
-Finder entitled to receive 10% value of the lost item, upto a maximum of AED 50,000

Article (2) of the law defined the lost properties as the monies and properties that are acquired by law, has a value, lost by its lawful owner without deliberate intention and found within the emirate of Dubai. Further, the abandoned monies are the monies and properties that are acquired by law and their lawful owner deliberately abandon them.

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Pursuant to the law, finder of any lost and/or abandoned property is oblige to submit such properties or monies to the police within 48 hours and may not act ownership on them; violation of such act is subject to criminal liability. The police will issue a report including detailed description and any other relevant information.

The law also prescribed the responsibilities of Dubai Police in implementing and activating the rules and regulations attached to the law, and Dubai Police is the entity responsible for receiving, preserving and investigating any lost and/or abandoned property.

At present there are no rules on lost or abandoned items in Dubai and the new law with the reward scheme is expected to encourage Dubai residents to hand over lost items.

According to the law, finder of any lost and/or abandoned property is entitled to receive a 10% reward from the total value of the lost and/or abandoned property, limited to AED 50,000. Reward is payable whether original owner claimed the property or otherwise. The finder may claim the entire property if it was not claimed within one year from the date of receiving by the police.

The new law aims to regulate the procedures applied on lost and/or abandoned property and also encourage public to submit such properties to their lawful owners.

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