Newspaper Review: 9/11 mourned; Dubai Metro success hailed

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UAE newspaper review

The front pages of today’s Khaleej Times and Gulf News are dominated by a picture of former US President George W. Bush and current US President Barack Obama standing with their wives at the memorial at Ground Zero for the victims of the 9/11 attacks.

The National describes how families gathered at the New York memorial, lingered over the names of loved ones during the mourning ceremonies that marked the 10th anniversary of the attacks.

The UAE newspapers declared in unison that time has not been able to heal the wounds of the survivors of the attacks.


Educational reforms and localisation of the top workforce, termed as Emiratisation, feature prominently in Monday’s papers.

Gulf News reports UAE cabinet’s approval of Emiratisation plan and implementation of the education strategy.

Khaleej Times quotes Sheikh Mohammed, vice president of the UAE, vowing education and Emiratisation as the key priorities of his government.

Meanwhile, Khaleej Times also reports the woes of dozens of Indian families and individuals in neck-deep debt asking for community help. The paper cites the example of one cash-strapped family of three that committed suicide a fortnight ago.


In its editorial, Khaleej Times praises the Dubai government for investing heavily in the Metro project and joining the elite band of cities in the world that can boast on top-notch infrastructure and high-quality public transport services.

The editorial points out to the fact that the saving of man-hours will have a positive impact on any organisation and will equal to saving of capital in the long run. “All in all, a very big step forward in daily carriage and mass transit deserving of unreserved congratulations to the RTA for making good on a huge promise,” the KT editorial concluded.

Gulf News, on the other hand, welcomed the successful completion of the second metro project that comes as a continuation of the long-term plan of establishing a transportation infrastructure that connects the entire city.

The leading UAE daily, however, emphasised on the need of making shuttle services available to users to enable easy access to Metro stations. The paper stressed that it will encourage more people to use the Metro and also help decrease congestion on the roads.

By Moign Khawaja ~ Editor – Arabian Gazette

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