Newspaper review: Arab League serves ultimatum to Syria; Free markets defended

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UAE newspaper review

Both Khaleej Times and Gulf News have featured the developments regarding Syria.

Gulf News said Arab League has been served an ultimatum to start comprehensive dialogue with the opposition within two weeks. The Dubai-based paper quoted sources within the League that some members opposed suspension of Syria.

Khaleej Times reported that a coalition of 121 Arab and international rights group has urged the Arab League to take stern action against Syria and help prevent the country from sliding into civil war. The groups asked the Arab League “to be on the right side of history” and fill the region’s leadership vacuum”, the newspaper quoted Alice Jay, campaign director Avaaz, as saying.


The elections for the consultative assembly in Oman have featured prominently for the second day in Emirati newspapers.

Khaleej Times reported that elections turnout was very high in areas that held massive pro-reform protests in February this year. Oman’s election commission released figures which shows the turn out at around 76 per cent. The Dubai-based paper also added that two pro-reform activists and a woman got elected as the members of the Majlis Al-Shura, an 84-member council of Omani citizens.

The National’s foreign correspondent said tribal politics played a big role in the elections. “In many instances, people of the same tribe went to the polls and voted for their man. To them, tribal loyalty is more important than education or experience,” the Abu-Dhabi based paper quoted Ahmed Al Siyabi, an observer from the interior ministry, as saying.


Both Gulf News and Khaleej Times said Saudi Arabia has taken the first step to probe allegations that Tehran plotted the assassination of Saudi ambassador to the US by reporting Iran to the United Nations Security Council and seek more sanctions for its arch-rival.

According to the initial details published by Khaleej Times, one of the men who allegedly paid a US undercover agent posing as a Mexican drug cartel hit man to carry out the assassination has been arrested by the US authorities.


Dubai-based papers, Khaleej and Gulf Times, have focused their attention on the global fiscal system and the protests taking place against its excesses.

‘Global fiscal system has to be fine-tuned’ is the title of today’s Gulf News editorial. The editor insists that free markets remain the best way of creating and distributing wealth. He also blamed the ‘willingness of the consumers’ to ‘take easy money from reckless banks’ which led to the financial crisis.

Khaleej Times’ editorial insists there is nothing to gain from violence and that the ‘methods adopted by Occupy Wall Street movement which seeks to bridge the gap between the rich and the poor, took a fork in the path that literally destroys that bridge’. “Violence is not the answer to cleaning the grime on the white collar and burning vehicles and property spans nothing. On the contrary, it only widens the gulf between the wealthy and the indigent and places the middle class square in the way of the rage,” the editor remarked in the article.

By Moign Khawaja ~ Editor – Arabian Gazette

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