Newspaper Review: Dubai govt to give free water, power to low-income Emiratis

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UAE newspaper review

Today’s Khaleej Times has reported the bonanza announcement made by the Dubai government that is set to add more comfort to the lives of Emirati nationals.

According to the announcement by Sheikh Mohammad, Vice President of UAE and the ruler of Dubai emirate, Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) has doubled free water quotas allocated for low-income Emiratis in Dubai. They will also enjoy a free usage of 6,000 kWh every month, the decree added.

Gulf News, in the meanwhile, quoted Arab political analysts blaming Iran for sowing instability in the region and inciting sectarian tensions in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. The analysts voiced their opinion after Wednesday’s riots in the eastern Saudi town of Qatif which has a considerable Shia population.

The National reported Damascus has taken a u-turn by overturning a ban on non-essential imports imposed less than two weeks ago to stop the flight of valuable foreign exchange reserves. The Abu Dhabi-based paper’s foreign correspondent believes the new announcement was made in order to appease the wealthy businessmen of Damascus and Aleppo who have grown wealthy on importing everything from cars and computers to industrial machinery and paint during Bashar Al Assad’s 11 years in power.

“Back to school for lessons without Gaddafi” is another headline of The National on its front page. The newspaper’s foreign correspondent says the shadow of dictator’s ideology has been wiped out from the classrooms of Libya. “The first thing we learnt was ‘Allah, Muammar and Libya’,” an 11-year-old kid told the scribe in Misrata, Libya.


Gulf News extolls the joint UAE-Spain solar energy project and says it shows our nation is truly a world leader in providing clean energy. The article insists that the project “shows that the nation is truly a world leader in providing viable and sustainable clean energy.” However, it did not describe whether the country invested money in the project or developed the technology on its own.

Both The National and Khaleej Times have discussed the Somali crisis in the aftermath of Wednesday’s suicide bombing in Mogadishu.

In the article titled “In Somali crisis an opportunity for change”, the editor regrets the losses of tens of thousands of lives in Somalia due to the ongoing civil war and famine. He condemns the suicide truck bomb that killed 70 people in the ministry of education carried out by the Islamist Al Shabab militia. While noting that the terrorist group has made some overtures, the editor insists that acts of terrorism will only isolate it further. The editorial concludes that only a political solution can solve the problems of terrorism and economic backwardness of the country.

Khaleej Times, in a similar tone, has condemned Al Shabab’s latest terrorist attack in the capital Mogadishu but also blamed the ‘weak and almost febrile’ Transitional Federal Government (TFG) that has failed to deal with Somalia’s myriad problems. “If the government, the loyal forces and the UN cannot swiftly restore a sense of security in the people they might start another refugee problem by deserting Mogadishu or simply throw in their lot with Al Shabab, if only to survive,” the Khaleej Times editorial warns.

By Moign Khawaja ~ Editor – Arabian Gazette

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