Newspaper Review: Dubai Metro Green Line declared open

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dubai newspapers review
Photo - Marwan Naamani/AFP/Getty Images

UAE newspaper front pages are dominated by the opening of Dubai Metro Green Line which has been accepted in the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s longest automatic monorail project.

“Metro makes a world mark” says Gulf News in its headline while Khaleej Times quoted ruler of Dubai declaring “Financial crisis over”. The National also hailed the opening of the Green Line with an impressive panoramic photograph that shows a train heading to Etisalat station with Dubai skyline in the background.

Khaleej Times added that Sheikh Mohammad bin Rashid al-Maktoum contended that Dubai has overcome the financial crisis that forced it to delay debt payments two years ago, however, the UAE vice president also said expressed his concern about the debt crisis in some European countries.

Gulf News reported that the Dubai ruler has promised to throw more surprises on the development and economic fronts. Also present was Sheikh Hamdan, the crown prince of Dubai, who witnessed the opening of the new metro line as well as couple of plaques commemorating the historic occasion.

The Emirati newspapers also reported hints dropped by RTA chief Matar Al-Tayer who announced the completion of Al-Sufouh Tram project which is set to open in November 2014. The top transport official also added that the Purple and Blue lines are part of the master plan and would be built when there is a demand for them. “For example, when there is enough traffic between Al Maktoum Airport and Dubai International Airport, we might decide to build the proposed Blue Line directly linking the two airports. But I don’t see that coming for at least the next five years,? KT quoted him as saying.

9/11 Anniversary

While The National made no mention of the 9/11 anniversary threats on its front page, Gulf News published a photograph in which three people, including a police offer with a bomb-sniffing dog, are looking at each other nervously. “US on red alert after Al-Qaida threat” says the Gulf News headline. The Khaleej Times declared “US marks 9/11 amid new terror threat” with an additional item that refers to a warning from Pakistani authorities of a plot to free Bin Laden’s wives currently under detention.

School Expenses

Gulf News in its editorial urged the school authorities concerned to keep an eye on prices of all school-related items under control as some institutions and outlets might be tempted to hike prices and make quick bucks. It cited the example of some stationery items which have register a 10-15% increase in prices compared to last year. The newspaper concluded that price increases have nothing to do with supply and demand mechanism but rather opportunists taking unfair advantage of the situation with parents shouldering the burden of increasing prices.

In other editorials, the Gulf News suggested Obama’s spending proposals can succeed if they do not face unnecessary political interference. Another editorial of the same newspaper voiced concern over the alleged security lapse committed by the Indian law enforcement agencies in Delhi and urged them to wake up and become more pro-active to avert any future bombing in the wake of the Supreme Court blast.

Turkey-Israel Rift

Khaleej Times termed latest Turkish announcement of escorting all aid ships travelling to Gaza and imposing sanctions on Israel, “Erdogan plans Gaza stunt”. The Dubai-based paper called on Ankara to exercise restraint despite being justified in castigating Israel for its refusal to apologise for the massacre at Mavi Marmara. The paper suggested that the Turkish obsession to send in more flotillas will lose its weight.

By Moign Khawaja ~ Editor – Arabian Gazette

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