Newspaper Review: FNC election campaign bemoaned

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UAE newspaper review

Monday’s UAE papers are quite diverse with their front page news items.

Gulf News says Palestine bid is a test for Obama as the US is lobbying support from undecided Security Council members. The paper adds that the US president is going through his ‘worst week’ as he heads to the UN as the Palestinian statehood issue comes to a boiling point. Obama has already threatened to veto Palestine’s bid to seek UN membership.

Khaleej Times reports the the on going squabbling in Tripoli as the National Transitional Council members vouch for positions within the new government while fighting rages in Libyan heartland of Sirte and Bani Walid.

A summit inside Syria has brought together more than 300 figures that oppose the Al Assad regime, The National’s foreign correspondent reported. The dispatch added that it was the largest anti-establishment gathering in Syria since the early 1960s when the Baath Party seized power in a coup and an alarming sign for the embattled rulers in Damascus.

Both Khaleej Times and Gulf News issued the orders of Sheikh Khalifa in which he urged the UAE charities to step up relief operations in Pakistan’s Sindh province following the devastating floods. Gulf News also published a front page photograph where young girls are seen wading through waist deep waters with their father carrying a charpoy.

Khaleej Times has announced the unveiling of a new travel package named Terhaal by RTA which is meant to provide tourists greater access to transport facilities.

Meanwhile, The National highlights the high point of FNC elections campaign in Fujairah where an outspoken former FNC member and head of the Saridi mountain tribe has extended his support to a younger man from his tribe. Other contenders also include a boss and his subordinate.

The Gulf News also reports that preparations are almost complete for the 24 September elections where voters will use their ID cards to cast their votes on electronic voting machines.


Gulf News urges the FNC candidates to do more to inspire voters and fuel hot debates without worrying about sharp disagreements. The paper argues that the country is going through the process of developing a political life in which the public are much more involved, hence the need for more engagement and responsibility.

The National has reviewed the new immigration policy in which migrant labour coming from countries like Sri Lanka and Indonesia will be required to have medical tests before entering the UAE. The article underlines the fact that 722 visa applicants were tested positive for tuberculosis last year, up from 122 in 2008. While insisting that there is no sense in letting people with such ailments come here, the editor calls for measures to tackle the problems if the scheme is poorly implemented viz. the costs and increased paperwork burden on immigrants.

By Moign Khawaja ~ Editor – Arabian Gazette

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