Newspaper review: FNC results upheld; Israeli settlements plan condemned

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UAE newspaper review

FNC election results stand valid, the National Elections Committee (NEC) declared in its ruling while deciding the appeals of 27 challengers in accordance with Article 59 of the executive regulations for elections.

Gulf News quoted the committee as saying that no one was prevented from exercising his or her franchise. The committee also explained that there is no voting quorum as some candidates believed and filed appeals to overturn the results, the paper added.

Khaleej Times published the statement of Minister of State for Foreign Affairs and FNC Affairs and Chairman of the NEC, Dr. Anwar Mohammad Gargash, who said that all appeals, which the committee studied, were related to organisational matters and did not have any effect on the process of ballot counting and the results.


Khaleej Times reported the shelling of Rastan, a central Syrian town that has become a refuge for army deserts, with tanks and gunship helicopters. The paper added that army deserters have formed rebel units of unknown size, mostly in Syria’s agricultural heartland around Homs.

Gulf News, on the other hand, says hopes of peace in Yemen have faded since Saleh’s return to the country. “What is happening now is a power struggle between the two parties. Each wants to test the power of the other,” the paper quoted Abdul Gani Al Iryani, co-founder of the Democratic Awakening Movement, as saying.

The National published the dispatch of its foreign correspondent based in Occupied Jerusalem where Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met his cabinet for hours but could not agree to accept a proposal by the US, EU, Russia and the UN for an immediate resumption of talks with Palestinians.


The editorials of today’s Emirati newspapers have unanimously criticised Israeli government’s moves to snub Middle East quartet’s proposals for peace talks with Palestinians.

The National’s editorial says latest Israeli moves are hints to the real agenda that ‘demonstrate a breathtaking level of hubris, and can be expected to generate still more frustration among Palestinians’. The article condemns Israel’s latest announcement to build 1,100 more homes in the Gilo district of East Jerusalem which the US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, has termed as “counterproductive to our efforts to resume direct negotiations between the parties.” Despite the US rhetoric, the editor believes that “Israel, and even the US, cannot continue indefinitely ignoring the opinion of the world.”

“Israel indicts itself, once again” is the title of Khaleej Times editorial in which latest Israeli moves to annexe more parts of the occupied East Jerusalem have come under heavy criticism. The editor insists that Jewish settlements are an extension of a systematic plan to assimilate and integrate as much occupied territories as possible while the international community turns a blind eye.

Gulf News says an end to US bias is essential to establish peace in the region as Israel continues to enjoy support from its chief military and political ally. The article says latest Israeli announcement to build 1,100 more new homes in occupied East Jerusalem is a flagrant disregard of international laws and disrespectful of the wishes of the global community.

By Moign Khawaja ~ Editor – Arabian Gazette

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