Newspaper Review: Jobs for Emiratis, economic growth discussed in GCC meeting

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UAE newspaper review

The National main headline said Emirati jobs target will fail without subsidies as GCC ministers gathered to discuss the challenges of localisation of labour. “Why do we need subsidies? Because the gap between the private and government salaries is quite big. Unless we provide these subsidies, there is little chance that we will succeed with Emiratisation,” the paper quoted Saqr Ghobash, UAE Minister of Labour, as saying.

Gulf News reported the establishment of Emirates Development Bank with a capital of AED10bn. The paper added that the new entity will finance housing and infrastructure projects.

Khaleej Times, meanwhile, revealed that UAE’s dollar millionaire population is set to swell 35% in the next five years to reach 54,000. A report compiled by Credit Suisse said the UAE is placed third in the region after Saudi Arabia and Kuwait in terms of highest average wealth per adult with $115,774.


The National’s foreign correspondent dispatched a report from Istanbul that says PKK insurgents killed 24 Turkish soldiers during attacks in south-eastern Turkey. The paper added that Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has vowed a swift and wide-ranging operation including “hot pursuit” in accordance with the international law.

The Abu Dhabi paper also suggested that moderate Islamists are on the way to clinch the general elections in Tunisia. The polling for the national assembly, tasked with drafting a new constitution and setup a fresh interim government, will be held on Sunday.

A report published in Gulf News said Libyan interim government has recognised the Syrian opposition’s council as the country’s legitimate representative.


Gulf News’s editorial focused on UAE’s manufacturing industry whose growth will relieve the country from its reliance on oil exports. The editor insisted that government should extend all the support it can to the manufacturing sector. “A strong manufacturing industry that meets the needs of the international markets will help protect the UAE from the continuing economic turmoil,” the article concluded.

The National has highlighted the recent road accident on Dubai bypass in which 32 vehicles smashed together in a twisted heap of metal injuring over a dozen. The article asked whether lessons from the 2008 Abu Dhabi highway accident have been learnt in which four people lost their lives and hundreds of others sustained injuries. The editor insisted that speed cameras are not enough of a deterrent to force drivers to slow down. “Anecdotal evidence shows that drivers’ behaviour improves suddenly when a police car is in the area. Only then will drivers listen and will our roads become safer for everyone,” the article suggested.

“The unheralded arrival of Hillary Clinton in Libya is a clear indication that Washington wants this impasse to end swiftly and the Gaddafi era done and dusted without prolonged involvement by NATO or any other American forces,” Khaleej Times editor wrote in today’s article. He added that the US Secretary of State’s presence in a war zone sends a “powerful visual message” that the NTC is in charge and the pro-Gaddafi forces are now merely a memory. However, the editorial questioned whether Clinton’s visit will bring military and strategic back up to the NTC and help it bring combat phase to an end.

By Moign Khawaja ~ Editor – Arabian Gazette

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