Newspaper Review: Papers concerned over Palestine UN bid, situation in Yemen

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UAE newspaper review

Palestine UN statehood bid and the looming tension is the main story for the papers.

Khaleej Times carries a photograph of Palestinian schoolchildren holding a poster of President Mahmoud Abbas at a rally in occupied West Bank town of Tulkarem. Gulf News quotes Abbas as saying: “Nothing can stop us”. The National published a photograph of a Palestinian man with a flag painted on the wall of occupied West Bank city of Ramallah.

Gulf News reports UAE President Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan has received the credentials of 13 new ambassadors to the country while urging the three outgoing Emirati envoys to put the welfare of its citizens above everything else.

“Law is above all and justice for all” Khaleej Times quoted Sheikh Khalifa’s statement made during an oath-taking ceremony of a supreme court judge in Abu Dhabi.

In connection with the FNC elections, The National says many candidates wish they had more time to campaign and reach the voters. The campaign ends tomorrow will the voting will take place on Saturday. Gulf says highlighted the role played by Emirati women to strengthen the social and political fabric of the country. It also published a photograph of a woman candidate addressing a group of women gathered at a majlis in Al Wasl neighbourhood in Dubai.


The National’s editorial reacts sharply on a survey report that more than half of UAE university students do not routinely use belts and consider vehicle seat belts to be irredeemably “uncool”. The paper suggests that perhaps these students should be assigned to do a research paper on the road accidents and fatalities among drivers and passengers without wearing a seat belt. It urged the government to not only enforce the laws strictly but also initiate public awareness campaigns.

Both Gulf News and Khaleej Times have focused on Yemen in today’s editorials while expressing their concern over the deaths of innocent protestors in the streets of capital Sanaa. Gulf News insists deeply unpopular President Ali Abdullah Saleh and the opposition should implement GCC proposal for orderly transfer of power. Khaleej Times expressed its concern over Saleh refusing to hand over power and hoped that future changes do not bring more bloodshed in the streets.

By Moign Khawaja ~ Editor – Arabian Gazette

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