Newspaper Review: Papers critical of Obama’s response to Palestine UN statehood bid

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UAE newspaper review

Emirati newspapers unanimously carried the statement of UAE Vice President Sheikh Mohammad in which he called on voters to elect good and competent candidates in a civilised and democratic manner.

Gulf News called the polls a ‘new chapter’ in UAE history and quoted the Dubai ruler as saying: “We consider the FNC a free national platform which has immunity as a legislative authority that supports national decision-making, offers sound advice and opinion to the government in tackling internal and external issues.” The Dubai-based paper added that Sheikh Mohammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum termed the FNC as a key channel in shaping the future of the country and its promising generations.

Khaleej Times also copied the statement issued by the UAE vice president while publishing the picture of a voting booth that will be flocked by voters tomorrow.

The National highlighted the sentiments shared by Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak, chairwoman of the General Women’s Union and of the Family Development Foundation, in which she called upon each woman voter to exercise her electoral right in the best interests of the country.


Dubai has eased business laws aimed at attracting investments and making the work environment more conducive.

Gulf News said the single-window service centre is set to speed up investment procedures in the emirate and will be led by the Department of Economic Development.

Khaleej Times added that another objective of the law is to streamline the marketing and promotional plans to spread awareness about Dubai’s economic and investment potential and to harness opportunities available in the emirate.


The National termed it a historic day for Palestinians at the UN as President Abbas vowed to make a direct bid for statehood at the General Assembly.

Gulf News pointed out the fact that Obama rejected Palestinian bid for statehood despite making a commitment to recognise Palestine hardly a year ago. Along with US President’s warning that there is no shortcut to peace, Khaleej Times also noted French President Nicolas Sarkozy’s offer of UN observer status for Palestine.


Editors of all the three daily English newspapers have unanimously supported the Palestinian bid for statehood at the UN in their articles.

Gulf News warned that a US veto will kill all the hopes of peace in the Middle East and will leave the American bias towards the Zionist state unexposed. The paper accused Israel and the wider international community of taking advantage of Palestine’s commitment to peace. It also blasted continued building and expansion of illegal colonies in the Occupied West Bank and called it detrimental to peace in the Middle East.

The National believes that Mahmoud Abbas can begin to change the rules by making a bold speech at the UN General Assembly and refusing to play by the Israeli-American book. The article talks about different scenarios and options for the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas while ruling out the acceptance of Jewish settlements and the surrender of Jerusalem. The editor asserted that Obama’s insistence on a negotiated settlement is nothing but ironic, given that Israel has been dictating its terms and conditions for negotiations for a long time. “This UN bid gives the Palestinians the chance, at least, to assert a new solution that could actually work,” the editor concluded.

Khaleej Times’ editor insists that the UN bid should triumph and urges Mahmoud Abbas to go ahead rewrite history by taking an initiative that is justified and ordained as per international law. The editor unequivocally questions Obama?s plea that only bilateral talks can help address the Palestinian-Israeli imbroglio and says it doesn?t carry any rationale. He blamed the Jewish state for sabotaging and derailing all efforts for a deal across the table. “The US and, especially, Obama would be better advised not to stand on the wrong side of human and political history,” the article said in the end.

By Moign Khawaja ~ Editor – Arabian Gazette

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