Newspaper Review: UAE-Spain launch solar energy project; Education reforms demanded

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UAE newspaper review

UAE papers have splashed the photographs of Gemsolar plant established at Fuentes de Andalucia in southern Spain.

Gulf News’ main headline says, “UAE, Spain team up for clean energy,” while reporting that Sheikh Mohammad Bin Zayed inaugurated the Torresol Energy’s Gemsolar plant with Spain’s King Juan Carlos. The Masdar-Torresol Energy project will benefit 25,000 homes throughout Spain’s Andalucia region, the paper added.

“Mandatory health insurance delayed,” The National reported adding Dubai government now intends to implement the plan by 2013. The paper explained that under the authority’s original plan, employers would pay the government between AED500 and AED800 a year for each employee enabling them to access basic healthcare services.


Gulf News reported clashes took place in Qatif, a town in eastern Saudi Arabia where a large Shia population resides. Saudi interior ministry said 11 security personnel and three civilians were injured when protestors attacked riot police with gunfire.

Both Khaleej Times and The National reported the deadly suicide bombing in Mogadishu where more than 70 people were killed and another 150 injured when Al Shabab fedayeen attacked the Ministry of Education. Most of the casualties are students and parents who gathered at the ministry to find out about foreign scholarships and education.

Gulf News also announced that Turkey will slap sanctions against the Syrian regime. “We can no longer remain a spectator to the developments in Syria. There are serious deaths of innocent, defenceless people,” the paper quoted Turkish Premier Recep Tayyip Erdogan as saying.


Both Gulf News and The National have highlighted the importance of reform in education sector.

Gulf News editorial insisted education sector needs a revamp as old teaching methods get obsolete. It suggested that new routes must be explored in order to retain students. “Old teaching methods not only have become obsolete but can be a negative agent that encourages students to leave rather than stay in schools. In addition, the preservation of the Arabic language and its strong presence in the process is essential,” the article said while emphasising that the way forward rests on examining the best routes for moulding students to be the citizens of tomorrow.

The National, while following up its report published yesterday about reforms in education sector, said the country has seen too many educational strategies and too little education over the years. It suggested that a careful selection of one sound strategy and its consistent application will be very helpful. “Overall, there is no point in continuously reinventing the wheel. The ministry must find a sensible policy and stick with it,” the editorial concluded.

By Moign Khawaja ~ Editor – Arabian Gazette

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