noon Offers Bargain Prices on Refurbished Gadgets

Samsung Galaxy S8 Dual SIM Midnight Black 64GB 4G LTE noon refurbished
Samsung Galaxy S8 Dual SIM Midnight Black 64GB 4G LTE noon refurbished
Spread the love, the region’s homegrown digital marketplace has launched refurbished products for shoppers looking for a bargain on the latest tech gadgets.

noon is currently offering mobile phones for up to 60 per cent off their recommended retail price, and will soon add other items to expand the assortment of refurbished products starting from March 2019.

Some of the mobile phone deals on platform include a Samsung Galaxy S8 Dual SIM Midnight Black 64GB 4G LTE for 799 AED (original price 2,190 AED), iPhone 6s with FaceTime in Rose Gold 64GB for 949 AED (original price 2,250 AED) and an iPhone 7 with FaceTime in Black 32GB for 1,249 AED (original price 3,250 AED).

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The tech items that have been returned by customers who have simply changed their minds about their original purchases. The products may simply have to be thoroughly cleaned and perfectly repackaged or have minor faults such as scratched screens or a malfunctioning software replaced and fixed ready for resale.

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Rather than have the products go to waste, noon refurbishes them by fixing any damage, replacing parts, rebooting the software, testing to ensure optimum functionality and selling them at a lower price. Purchasing refurbished products is also an effective way to limit electronic waste which, in excess, can contribute to environmental pollution.

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The refurbishing is conducted by a team of external technical experts and then quality checked by noon’s eagle eye in-house Quality Control team.

The refurbished products are all noon now, which means they are shipped within 24-hours, and come with a three-month warranty to guarantee they are operational to the satisfaction of the consumer.

noon refurbished is currently available in the United Arab Emirates and will soon launch in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

noon’s competitor,, which was bought out by Amazon back in 2017 so far does not have any refurbished products on offer in this region.

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