Using nuclear energy to its fullest while keeping safety paramount

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nuclear plant catastrophe
Illustration - Daily Telegraph

Nuclear energy is a much sought-after?possession which is forcing nations to make desperate decisions and adopt over-protective policies. It is true that one’s loss is another’s gain. The question is whether nuclear technology is the answer to future energy needs or not. Many nuclear technology proponents argue it is the best solution available to mankind despite opponents condemning it as the most dangerous technology that puts entire human race at risk. Whether nuclear power is risky or not, it is important to be very careful in its use as recent history is littered with incidents that put an entire nation at stake.

The earthquake and tsunami which hit Fukushima in Japan earlier this year shook not only Japan but the entire world. The disaster casted a scary spell across the region as radiations spread into human population began and it needed to be controlled immediately, preventing it from spreading and creating an imbalance in the ecosystem like climatic changes due to emissions of harmful gases and chemicals.

A lot of countries around the world need nuclear energy, to provide them with basic necessities, such as power supplies. A continent like Africa also, needs viable and cheap power supply. Mohammed ElBaradei, the ex-head of United Nations Nuclear watchdog has a lot of belief in Nuclear Technology for the future. This is because according to him, the rise in demand for nuclear technology among nations is incredible and you need energy for any development to be taken place in the world.

During an interview, he noted that during the Middle East Crisis, the Arab states were relatively peaceful despite going through decades of economic and social injustice. However, the former nuclear watchdog chief was uncertain about Egypt’s future and said it is on a bumpy road. “After Egyptian turmoil, there is a sudden belief that the development in Egypt can become a role model for the rest of the Arab World. The enthusiasm and the power in Egypt has to be transformed into an energy which will bring out an evolution of a lifetime,” he expressed in an optimistic tone.

Nuclear energy today is the world’s largest source of emission free energy. This form of energy has a minimal impact on the environment and does not burn anything to produce electricity. Compared to its advantages, the hazards are also equally important to note. It poses unique dangers as it is the only source of power which produces radioactive waste, i.e. release of toxic industrial processes. One accident caused by a nuclear reactor failure can lead to a long-term impact.

It is as simple as that, if nuclear technology is used in the right way, it can benefit an entire country and the world ? if it is misused or been regulated wrongly, it can create disasters which may have implications for life, even for the future generation. All countries are looking into ways to harness this form of nuclear technology while being aware of its drawbacks.


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