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The Nyota Fund makes a positive impact on the lives of hopeful young students in the Ngara District of Kagera Region in Tanzania, which borders Burundi and Rwanda.

Nyota 2013
2013 Nyota Scholars Bukililo pose for photo with a member of The Nyota Fund, Board of Directors.

The Nyota Fund works exclusively in the education sector, raising funds in order to provide full academic scholarships for secondary school students who exhibit high academic potential and high financial need. Selected students are those who aspire to attend institutions of higher learning, or intend to ‘give back’ to their communities (as nurses, doctors, teachers, etc).

Founded by Marisa Ranieri, a 2012-2013 WorldTeach volunteer, inspiration seeker and world traveler, The Nyota Fund is her response to the overwhelming inability for students and their families to afford the annual cost of attending secondary school (anywhere between $55-70 USD a year) which is exorbitant by impoverished-country standards.

Those admitted into secondary school have already overcome significant barriers, as only 1/3 of primary school students go on to secondary school. It would be a shame to lose such human potential simply because these children were born into poverty!

Fortunately, a solution for this inequality (which is due to the geographical location of where these children were born) is available. For only $10,000 USD, The Nyota Fund can provide full scholarships for 70 students for two years — that cost also guarantees a daily meal of porridge for each student.

Where We Work
The Nyota Fund – Where We Work

Qualifying TNF schools include:

Muyenzi Secondary School
Bukiriro Secondary School
Murgwanza Secondary School
Kibogora Secondary School*
Ndomba Secondary School*
Kanazi Secondary School*
Nyakisasa Secondary School*


TNF is unique because donations are wired directly to the bank accounts of sponsored schools, and other than the wire transfer fees, The Nyota Fund has no ‘hidden costs’. Money donated to The Nyota Fund goes directly to pay school fees for students through scholarships — and nowhere else!

If you are interested in learning more about The Nyota Fund or would like to donate towards improving secondary school education in Tanzania, be sure to check www.thenyotafund.org or email Marisa directly at [email protected]

You are also welcome to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or on our blog — it’s a great way to learn more about secondary school education in Tanzania and keep up with the latest TNF news!

(* denotes schools whom are still in the process of selecting scholars)


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