Oman: e-Passport to revolutionize travel

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e-Passport Logo
e-Passport Logo. Oman is set to introduce state-of-the-art secure travel documents as part of its e-Passport initiatives.  Image-Tom Bullock/Flickr

The Royal Oman Police has entered into a deal with a digital security firm to provide an end-to-end electronic passport solution for the Sultanate.

After the deal, Gemalto will be working with the government to introduce state-of-the-art secure travel documents. The e-Passport initiative is part of the government’s aim of providing enhanced services and protection to its citizens through the use of latest digital security technologies. As part of the deal, Gemalto’s ICAO compliant Sealys e-Passport documents and full Coesys solution suite will be used to enroll citizens and issue personalized, secure travel documents. The company will also be providing training, support and maintenance services.

Under the arrangement, the capacity of some of the largest Royal Oman Police offices will be enhanced through fixed and mobile stations. These stations will register e-Passport applicants with personal information and biometric data. The e-Passport will feature secure eTravel embedded software and a contactless microprocessor, with holder’s digital fingerprints and photograph. The digital solution is expected to facilitate Omani immigration control and reduce the time of documentation process.

According to Major-General Dr Sulaiman al Harthy of Royal Oman Police, “with this project we aim at offering security, flexibility and convenience to our citizens. Gemalto will support the smooth integration of the solution with the existing national registry system for eID cards. Gemalto has valuable experience in implementing ePassport programs globally and will provide us with local support through their offices in the Sultanate.”

Oman is known to be a pioneer in the introduction of e-Government solutions in the Gulf. In 2002, it became the first GCC country to offer electronic ID cards to its citizens. With the introduction of digital and secure travel documents, Oman will take a giant leap forward in setting a benchmark for travel in the region.

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