Oman to Reshuffle Private Sector Jobs to Empower Local Workforce

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Nearly over 100,000 foreign workers face potential axe as Omani government plans to restructure the private sector to aid Omani professionals.

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Nearly over hundred thousand foreign workers face a potential axe as Omani government plans to restructure the private sector to aid Omani professionals.

The middle-east countries are highly favoured destinations for those seeking to emigrate for job and professional reasons. But given the fact that the rise of expatriate working professionals in these countries have contributed to a large number of nationals losing out on the jobs themselves, some of the countries have started to take necessary measures to reconcile this highly troubling situation.

Oman is one such country where the national leaders have collectively decided to take a proactive step towards ensuring that the nationals don’t lose out on professional opportunities to foreign nationals in the private sector.

Presently, foreign professionals account for 39% of the work-force in the private sector which is sought to be reduced by the Omani government to about 33%. In terms of core numbers, this translates to a reduction of slightly over 100,000 people from about 6, 92,867 to around 5, 86, 272.

Alongside this, the government has also issued a temporary prohibition on hiring of foreign workforce in some professional domains so as to ensure that the Omani nationals can avail of the available job prospects in these fields.

The following are some of the core problematic areas that the Omani government is trying to resolve:

  • The ratio of workforce in Oman is about one Omani national to every six foreign working professionals. This is a glaring statistic that the government is keen to bridge.
  • Increase the number of Omani nationals in various private companies across the country. Presently Omanis just account for about 14% of the total workforce in the private sector.
  • Empower the Omanis with the necessary technical skills to ensure greater enhancement and concentration of indigenous workforce in the job market

These reforms however are not time-bound and don’t have any particular emphasis on any time-lines. But according to the governmental authorities, it is expected that that these reforms will be carried out as immediately as possible with a view to bring about more stability in the country by empowering the national professionals in the most rightful manner.

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