Online Education is the Way Forward. Dubai based iCademy sees Five-fold rise in enrolments

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As countries and economies continued to razed by the devastating impact of Covid-19 pandemic, one sector that seems to have bucked the trend is online education. Dubai based online school iCademy is reportedly seeing a five-fold growth in student enrolments.

Times have dictated rapid expansion of online schools. These schools make use of digital tools and software that allows teachers and students to connect remotely, continuing the classroom experience in a virtual space. Using recorded lectures, discussion forums, and other tech solutions, students can avail education at their own comfort and convenience.


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The popularity of online schools is certainly growing rapidly. iCademy Middle East is one such online school in Dubai, which has witnessed a spike in enrolments. The school has witnessed a five-fold increase in enrolments in the past few months.

iCademy – Unique Learning Platform

iCademy ME, the only KHDA-registered online school in the emirate, has been operating in the region since 2008 and offers high school diplomas through the American curriculum. They currently have over 700 students.

“What’s different about us is we’re operating form a standard curriculum that’s geared towards an online setting. We’re not trying to cobble together a variety of sources to make an educational experience, it’s all in one place,” said Cody Claver, General Manager of iCademy Middle East.

There are many advantages of an online school, from added ease and flexibility to greater engagement with teachers. With online school, you can study from anywhere, as long as you have internet access. You no longer have to factor in commuting to campus and the associated costs.

That’s not all, Studying online means access to a whole range of digital tools like video calls, animations, storyboarding, and social media—as well as games. Teachers are able to be more creative in their lessons and the result is a more compelling learning experience for students. Most importantly, online education is far more cost-effective than the traditional schools.

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iCademy Fees

Academic year fees at iCademy Middle East range from AED11,999 for KG through to year 8 students and AED14,999 for high school.

iCademy Middle East is like any other school just without the trappings of the brick and mortar space. The school is NEASC accredited. They have fully certified teachers assigned to every student. The curriculum is aligned to US state standards and US Common Core State Standards. iCademy Middle East is licensed by the KHDA which includes teaching Arabic language to both native and non-native speakers, Islamic Studies, UAE Social Studies and Moral Education. iCademy also provides full counselling services to students.

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