Why I Oppose Obama on Same Sex Marriage

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US President Barack Obama on Newsweek issue cover. Photo - Newsweek

Dear Mr. President,

I do not agree with you. By supporting this resolution you have set a wrong example for the world. God created man and woman, Adam and Eve to cohabit, not two men or not two women. Your religion believes it, so does mine. If present day men and women fail to live as husbands and wives, but as gays and lesbians, this world will come to an end one day.

The word marriage, parents, have different, defined meaning. A parent is the one through whom a child is created biologically. In present day America, there are two sets of fathers and mothers. A father and a biological father. The latter is mentioned when the child grows with a father or mother who has no blood connection, but his/her mother’s husband or father’s wife at the time of his/her birth.

How can two males or females become father or mother of a child. If so, then who is the father and who is the mother? Under what criteria a father or mother is selected in a same sex marriage? Had the biological parents of that particular child, adopted by this man or a woman, despised by God, opted to be gays or lesbians, who could have produced this particular child? Is not it silly Mr. President?

In animal kingdom, it is the mother that cares for the kids, not father. That is because the male has no guarantee that the kids were his as female animal is open. When life in this form of ‘marriage’ is not approved by any religion, you are going further down the moral ditch. God has given sixth sense to human beings, not to animals. Here you give endorsement to an act that even they do not indulge in.

Dear Mr. President, the so-called same sex marriage is a mental disease and not a right. Will you allow your children to become gay or lesbian?

Therefore, I can not agree with you and I do not stand with you on this issue. May God save America.


M.S. Shah Jahan

M.S. Shah Jahan is the CEO of Taipan Trading Company, a Gem and Precious Stone Consultancy Company based in Colombo, Sri Lanka. The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect Arabian Gazette’s editorial policy.

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