Passion and Determination

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Quote on Worry
Worry is a misuse of Imagination – Dan Zadra. Image:  Brett Jordan

Passion: An intense desire or enthusiasm for something

Determination: Firmness of purpose; resoluteness

The above definitions are from the dictionary on my MacBook Pro. When we read definitions of any word, we accept it verbatim.Blindly believing that we know what it means. But really, is that all it takes? Why are passion and determination so important in our lives? Recently, from what I’ve been reading, there’s an empowerment movement happening, on work/life balance and stability. We are constantly, seeking ways to improve productivity, efficiency and strategies to reduce stress and most important, how to avoid burnout.

Well here’s my take on how to fix the above issues – when you’re passionate about what you do for a living (entrepreneur or not) and are determined in your own purpose with who you are; in context to your work, you will always be productive, efficient, and give all that you have got to the task at hand. When you match your instincts, heart and mind to what you do everyday, you tend to see the marked difference between “work to live” and “live to work.”

Passion is important in life, in how we work, in our  interpersonal skills and most of all in how we perceive ourselves. The determination comes from that passion, to move with that enthusiasm in your attitude ;and to carry that moment with you, in all that  you do.

The difference without passion and determination; is living a life  for ourselves versus doing everything for everyone else but yourself. Be passionate and determined about who you are, what you stand for and why you feel that way. The level of determination will follow through, and ultimately lead you  to your desired destination. Smile your way through the  day, no matter what comes your way, because you know in your heart that  nothing can stop you, ever! Here’s an illustration examining levels of  worry, that deflects us from our goal, and levels of focus and determination, that helps us reach our goals.

Worry  Vs Focus Infographic
Worry Vs Focus Infographic. Image Courtesy: maxhancock.c0
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