Peering through Google Glasses: The Future of Aviation Sector

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Virgin Atlantic piloting Google Glass and Sony Smartwatch technology – A pioneering singular technological employment by one of the world’s leading aircraft operators sure to change the face of the global aviation sector

SITA_Virgin Atlantic Google Glass

If the Wright brothers revolutionised the domain of transportation by inventing the world’s first plane in the early 1900s, Richard Branson’s Virgin Atlantic is taking the aspect of revolutionising the aviation sector to an altogether different level.

In a first-of-its kind collaboration, the Britain-based airways will technically partner with SITA, world’s leading specialist in air transport communications and information technology, to test the utilisation of Google Glass and Sony Smartwatch technological systems to provide premier services to the passengers arriving at the Upper Class Wing at the Heathrow Airport in London.

Service personnel of Virgin Airlines at the Upper Class Wing will be equipped with either of the two technological systems which will enable them to offer a never-before-seen personalised service to each of the passengers. The services will include not only providing check-in services, but also additional information on climate, tourist locales, dietetic choices and flight plans and itineraries for those wanting to continue their journey further onwards. The highly ‘smart’ technological systems will also allow the service personnel to translate foreign languages in case of any language barriers arising while interaction with passengers.

A specifically designed app by SITA will ensure that the right information is provided to the service personnel so as to enable the most high quality passenger servicing interaction. The one-and-a-half month long testing time period will provide the framework for further detailed analyses about the incorporation of such highly advanced technological systems in the aviation sector.

The principle reason for this unique testing has been the result of yet another study conducted by Virgin Airlines which surveyed over 10,000 passengers about their air travelling experience. According to the results of the first survey, it emerged that while there has been an overall boost in the number of people using air travel as a viable travelling medium, not many are satisfied are with the overall feel of air travel.

This test is aimed at enriching the air travel experience of consumers by incorporating the available advanced technological gadgetry with existing qualitative passenger servicing at airports. Based on the results of the consensus of the incorporation of these technological systems, it will be evaluated whether there can be a macro application of these technological gadgetry.

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