P&G likely to bid for Unilever

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Procter & Gamble is rumored to be lining up a 38 billion bid for its biggest rival Unilever; which could be one of the biggest deals in the global FMCG sector. According to a British publication?s report, ?There are wild rumors from across the pond that Procter & Gamble would be lining up a mega 38 billion or a 30 a share break-up bid for one of its biggest rivals.?

The report further stated, ?As skeptics quickly said that anti-trust authorities would not take kindly to such a deal, they heard whispers that P&G has apparently already lined up buyers for parts of Unilever it does not want or would have to sell to placate competition authorities?.

P&G and Unilever have a significant presence in the UAE?s FMCG market.

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