Pitching Women Against Men

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women hate men
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By Arindam Mukherjee

What if a man is found guilty of sexual harassment? He will lose his job, his deposits, his respect if any, and will face a lengthy imprisonment. But what if a woman is found guilty? You kidding?? No man ever reports such stuffs. Male ego? A fear of missing out on some future advances? You tell me.

What if an accused male is released for the lack of evidence, or for unfounded charges pressed against him? He loses a lot none the same. Like the Chair of IMF. You can call this The Strauss-Kahn Phenomena (Yea. I am applying for a copyright on this). And what if?the woman is found guilty of pressing those unfounded charges of sexual harassment against?the man? No consequences. She just walks away.

Isn?t it fun? She presses charges ? if she can?t prove it, never mind. But if she does, then the man is ordered by the court to pay a formidable fine, his professional life is near finished, his personal life is completely finished; while she gets the money and the instant gratification of media. Rich and famous ? what more could one dream of?

The nature of the cases is really confusing. For me that is. For example, if Harry supposedly molested Sally, and Sally sat on it for five months before suddenly deciding to walk to the nearest Police Station ? what could possibly be tangible evidence five months ago, doesn?t exist anymore. It is then an open field ? where Sally doesn?t have to prove anything ? the walk to that police station is enough; but Harry would have to have a wide-spectrum-corroboration-spread to dismount the charges brought against him.

Western women of post Modern era are increasingly being driven by a scary agenda: Hatred for men. I have recently learnt that eating disorders like anorexia, that wasn?t there some time ago, is now imagined to be the fault of men ? who are thought to prefer stick-thin women, and therefore by a seemingly casual articulation of their mental preferences through some propaganda machinery, indirectly force women to starve themselves.

Fantasising a stick-woman? Men?!

For a while, I tried hard to visualize Keira Knightley in The Dirty Picture. Take my word ? don?t try.

Then, in the US, there is this new fad called “repressed-memory” lawsuits, in which ‘women, usually in their thirties, decide that they were raped by their fathers. No corroborating evidence, no reason to believe that incest actually occurred, or that memories in fact are repressed. (Sentence?Copyright F Reed)

Now it probably is fun playing games, especially with each other, because we are the only two kinds available to us ? however much nasty a version it is. Probably. Not certainly for me, but I guess my type don?t populate the entire community.

And if this particular version of the game that the Western women have increasingly fallen in love with, has actually been hijacked, silently, some time ago?

Has?anyone been watching?

Why did a couple of?ladies suddenly decide to late-report that they were raped by former Israeli President Moshe Katzav? How and when did the two paid-for-sex?escorts decide, that what Julian Assange did or didn?t do to them was a form of rape?

Not saying it is thus ? because I am an idiot and my opinions are generally worthless ? but if I can think along this line, I am sure you all can fathom the direction this stuff is capable of taking.

Imagine for once what happens, if certain girls ? the kind of girls that usually don?t have much to lose ? are approached by some legit authorities to press charges against someone. The sexual-in-nature ones always top the list because it pays extremely well to portray a man as a gender-predator? in public offices, it is worse than being convicted as a swindler or a murderer.

Double whammy. The man has only to lose.

I am thinking, just thinking. Juian Assange, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, Moshe Katzav? even one of my ex-Boss from an ex-organization ? can this remotely be a manifest of some kind of an organized agenda? A personal vendetta?

Where have we travelled to?

I don?t know.?But what I do know?is?that this newfound tool of the so-called Liberated Women is deregulated, easily available ? thus pretty much bastard-like in nature. In other words, it is an open catastrophe in the make ? if it hasn?t become one already.

Not long ago, men and women were usually fond of each other. Women were pretty and giggly, wore flowery dresses, laughed a lot ? especially at the typical male antics, held hands or kissed us when no one was watching. We were happy, given the fact that men usually were hairy, ugly and often greasy, with a grumpy face. This happiness reflected through a whole lot of active or passive affection for women ? men viewed them as someone that needed protection from the harsh world. It worked out fine. While the political leaders were their usual pig-shit self, our personal lives were a lot better ? we were a lot better. The two worlds were different.

What the hell happened in between…?

Arindam Mukherjee is a?current-affairs and geo-politics observer by passion with a special interest in Central Asian and Middle Eastern affairs.?He has appeared as a column writer for the Times of India. The Calcutta-based analyst has authored a book titled ‘The Fifth P’ which is a comparative analysis between the USA and India and the role people play in the development of a nation state.?Arindam is currently finishing his second book on International Conflict in Central and Middle East Asia, besides his association with CPMR -?a journal where aspiring PhDs get their thesis published.

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