Playing it Safe and Sound

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australian football spectators
An Australian football player acknowledges the crowd after a match in Sydney, Australia. Photo - Matt King/Getty Images

The road to hell is often paved with good intentions. While sports can bring in a lot of glory, they can turn out to be fatal as well. Many a times we go with the flow of the game but its implications are less looked into. Youngsters are crazy about sports; they play and watch sports with rage and a ?never say die? attitude. From Cricket to Football to Hockey, sports bring all people of mixed cultures together on the same platform, with the same goal in mind: to WIN!

So why is there a need to play safe? This is because accidents can happen within a blink of an eye. An incident in 2008 took place when a 21 year old student from York University experienced an accident which took place while playing Ice Hockey. Don Sanderson had a tragic accident which led him to coma. It was only through his will power, determination and his love for sports, which helped him recover during the years.

On an international level, tragedies have also affected the whole team, affecting the whole nation as well. One of them took place during the Munich Olympics. Israel sent its players to represent the country. Sadly, an act of terrorism struck the players who were kept as hostages by terrorists and got killed in the end. It was an act which affected a nation and the event as a whole.

Accidents, tragedies, and mishaps are at times fatal. Terrorism and violence attached to it leaves scars which take years to heal. Sports bring the spirit of togetherness among all the teams and countries on an international level. Healthy competition always leads the players to do better each time. The sad bit is when these lead to unfair means ? such as match fixing, bribery and the intake of steroids i.e. the drugs which increase adrenaline level of players, and give them a rush which makes them play quicker and better under its influence.

As the audience, we enjoy watching a good competitive match, without any unfair means used and wish our favourite team to win. Sports is religion for some, while entertainment and inspiration to the others. Whatever it may be, sports play a very important role in our lives and are responsible for the making of many great achievers and those who are yet to become one. So let?s play it safe, without being sorry and keep up the spirits of sports and its passion on forever.

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