Small companies and investors will drive the world economy towards prosperity post-Covid : CICC

Post covid business
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Industry, worldwide is facing a period of uncertainty in the post-pandemic era.

Historically, when such unprecedented social and economic health patters hit the global economy, a new normal arises and there is a greater than before need to work towards a more resilient business environment.

At a time when most industries are laced with job losses, reduced salary incomes and uncertainties, wealth preservation, return on investment and investor’s safety is of prime concern along with assisting small businesses and projects.

“The industry needs to join hands and work together towards a brighter future. It is a steep uphill battle, but together, we shall sail through,” said Besim Jashari, the President and CEO of the recently formed Council of International Chambers of Commerce (CICC).

With offices in the UK, the UAE, Sri Lanka, Ghana and Zambia, CICC aims to bring together the industry leaders, investors and stakeholders to support each other. The core team of the Council banks on its professional network and recognition being awarded by various governments to fuel investments and international projects in member countries.

Primarily, the Council seeks to achieve economic development, investment promotion, international trading, identifying and initiating investments, providing financial support, identification of business sectors of interest with a focus on under developed countries and creation of banking license for itself.

Interestingly, various top companies are teaming up with international investment funds to provide funding to small- and medium-sized companies suffering from the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. Thus, providing a testimony to the timely creation and launch of the CICC.

Businesses and projects seeking international recognition as well as financial support are invited to the international business conference at the inauguration of CICC.

The first chapters of the CICC conferences would be held in March at Albania, Republic of Kosovo and the UAE thus paving the way for a resilient business environment.

To participate and become a member of the CICC, businesses can write in to the member committee.

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Lavanya Singhal
Global Communications Coordinator
Council of International Chambers of Commerce (CICC)

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