Rain rain, come again: Kerala

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Why are we scared of rains? Let us break free, walk down the streets of God’s Own Country and soak ourselves in happiness.

Kerala Monsoon
On Cloud Nine this Monsoon. Kids somersault in a pool in Kerala. Photo credit-Prasanth Chandran/Flickr

Monsoon is probably the single largest factor that has influenced, farmers and poets alike. Then why do we shy away from the beauty of rains and not enjoy them?

And, one place that will not fail you during this monsoon is probably God’s own country. Located in India, Kerala is the land of different terrains, seasons, religions and people.

There is so much energy in this place that Hindus, Muslims and Christians all live peacefully in this beautiful landscape ranging from hill stations to beaches to spice gardens. People from across the globe visit Kerala for different reasons.

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As they say, the place infuses nectar into tired souls. With India all set to welcome the monsoon winds anytime now, we believe you should be heading to Kerala to usher in a season of romance.

This is the time when the entire region blooms with greenery, mountains, watersides and waterfalls. It is lush with spices, grains and fruits. You can hand pick the best of cinnamon, turmeric, pepper and ginger.

What more, you can sail through the backwaters or rejoice the brawny sea meet the delicate beach.

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Need more inspiration, check this video out.

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