Facts of Recruitment Process

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More than ever before, employers are searching for their dream candidates online. For companies and candidates alike, the recruiting process and career opportunities offered on the web are striking. The talent pool offered online makes a corporates’s recruiting process more efficient and effective. The Internet recuriting is changing so fast and is being revolutionized. New websites are constantly being created, sites are in collaboration, and expanding.

The evolution of recruiting and online channels has made talent hunting much more easier. So, where do potential employers do these searches and how much of hiring does take place through these sites? and where can employers find high quality candidates from these sources?

The good folks at Discover Digital Arabia and Hiring Solutions Company has come up with a revealing infographic, after doing a study on 1.1 million job applications resulting in 6193 hires in the Middle East and Asia.

A few major highlights of the study:

1. Employer career sites and jobsearch sites had the highest number of visit to hire ratios.

2. Majority of the applications that are received are posted on the company’s career website itself.

3. A substantial number of resumes also came from large niche employment websites than other online sources. The interview to hire ratios are better in these cases. The flipside for job boards is that online networking and word of mouth referrals will eventually produce a better success ratio.

4. Interestingly sources such as social networking sites despite all its hype [Facebook,twitter,Linkedin e t al] , news, and career fairs, yielded poor interview to hire ratios.

Reality of job recruitment process infographic
Reality of job recruitment process infographic. Image credit-DiscoverDigitalArabia

Do you agree with the above statistics? How has been your job hunting experience? Please let us know in the comments!

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