Recipe for Good Grades

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Time management is key during the summer season as it is time for the Board examinations, vocational courses and all other summer activities.

Recipe Background/Snapshot of final dish

Different people have different learning characteristics. Personalities are shaped by three different learning styles (called the VAT Model). Auditory people are those who learn better through the use of lists, numerical statistics and they tend to take notes very fast as they are able to retain information quickly. Visual people on the other hand tend to be more artistic. They have a good pictoral memory and they learn best by translating every other sensory response into something visually stunning to remember it easily. Kinesthetic people are the most interesting of the lot. As the name suggests,this is related to movement. Such people need to have a hands on experience to learn new things.

Most of the world’s education systems are based to handle the auditory learning style. Only when students opt for professional university education and polytechnic schools, do they really get a hands on experience. There are few schools that offer such facilities in the United Arab Emirates.


To put all the VAT learning styles to use. We need:

  1. Lots of sticky notes (example Post-it? Notes)
  2. Tidy Pen (one that does not smudge)
  3. Room or Cupboard Doors

Additional Ingredients to add flavor

  1. Pen or pencil of another color
  2. Wall
  3. Mirrors

Preparation Method

The best way to learn is by practice. The best way to practise is my taking notes over an over again.

1) Using this technique. Devote not more then 3 sticky notes per topic and put them on the side of the door to your bathroom, entrance to your room or on a mirror. If you spend too much time practicing neatness, well, that is against the whole concept of this technique.

2) When your notes are done stick them on the wall/mirror/door without worrying about the clutter but they should be arranged according to category. For example one cupboard door notes only devoted to a single course.

Presentation and Technique

Whether you are a visual or an auditory learner, when passing by the notes just glance at them for about 2 seconds. After doing that for 50-100 times during the entire month, it is very likely you know the subject by heart.

Kinesthetic learners need to keep taking the sticky notes off the wall and replacing them with new ones.

Advantage: hands on practice with the ability to add new things to your knowledge.

Final Dish

What you finally have is a well rounded package that can not be mixed up since you not only know the notes but have a clear picture of what your wall looks like and by thinking through can trace your notes mentally.

Appetizers that Complement

This recipe works great with flash card based learning, definitions and scientific diagrams.

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