Regulators access facial info on Facebook

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In response to the concerns of Facebook?s roll-out technology?s availability outside its home country (US); the company is now ready to provide information about its use of the facial technology to its European regulators. However, the company has confirmed that there is no formal investigation taking place on the same.

“We have noted the comments from some regulators about this product feature and we are providing them with additional information which we are confident will satisfy any concerns they will have,” Facebook spokeswoman Sophy Tobias said.

This move comes after comments that Facebook?s use of facial recognition technology is a possible violation of privacy.

The company explained the availability of its ?Tag Suggestions? product that uses facial recognition technology which will be expanded. It further added that the product will speed the process of identifying and labeling people. However Facebook has stressed that the automated photo tagging suggestions are only made when new photos are added to Facebook. Users can disable the feature in their privacy settings.

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