REVEALED: The latest Blackberry 10

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A Vietnamese tech gadget site seems to have spoiled RIM’s launch party where they were to launch its latest Blackberry 10 device.

RIM had announced earlier that it will unveil the finished version of its BlackBerry 10 operating system at a press conference on January 30th, and the company’s first two Blackberry 10 smartphones, which were expected to be unveiled during the event.

A user at, a site known to publish photos and accurate details surrounding unannounced devices, has posted a photo galleryshowcasing RIM’s first BlackBerry 10 handset, code-named “London.”

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Top 5 features of Blackberry 10

Blackberry Hub

BlackBerry Hub is sort of an improved inbox. RIM describes the Hub as follows:”All messages, notifications, feeds, and calendar events come into the BlackBerry Hub and no matter what the user is doing with the device, with a simple gesture, they can peek into the Hub at any time.

BlackBerry Flow

Blackberry Flow provides “a seamless user experience which provides full control and flexibility in every moment and every touch. Flow keeps the momentum going so that user goals can be achieved quick and efficiently”.

Time Shift

Blackberry 10’s camera app has a cool new feature called Time Shift that captures multiple shots of a given subject, then lets you quickly scroll through them on a radial menu to pick the perfect picture.

Blackberry 10 Keyboard

“The keyboard suggests words based on predictions, and when the user swipes the words upwards they nicely animate to the text field where they will end up. It’s a nice moment of charm and gives BlackBerry 10 a unique input experience,” according to RIM.

BlackBerry Balance

Here, Blackberry strikes a balance between being an enterprise and a consumer smartphone. This is facilitated by being able to ‘firewall’ work related data and personal data.

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