Revealed: UAE’s Top Marketers on LinkedIn

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The UAE’s Top Marketers on LinkedIn

Revealed: The UAE’s Top Marketers on LinkedIn


Marketers in the UAE who are most engaged aren’t just the best connected or the most branded. They are significant assets to the brands that they work for and represent. They are also prolific contributors of information to their peers and network, sharing relevant content and insights that can bring their business or industry competitive advantage.

LinkedIn identifies the Most Engaged Marketers in different countries, and for the first time, has looked at UAE Marketers as well. Marketers in this list do not just have higher-than-average connections on LinkedIn, but are also connected to a number of companies and groups, and active in terms of engaging with and sharing content.

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In effect, LinkedIn identifies the Marketers who live their calling each day, approaching even their personal ‘brand’ as one that requires curation and development.

There are diverse industry sectors represented in this list, with brands such as Hult International Business School, Veolia Gulf Countries, and Jebel Ali Resorts and Hotels leading the rankings. Du, the UAE telecom operator, has two people in the leaderboard, and with one Marketer from Axiom Telecom, the telecommunications sector is the best represented.

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Representing various industries across the country, here are the Top Ten Most Engaged UAE Marketers for 2014:

Tips to get More Engaged on LinkedIn

Be more productive: With over 12 million members in the MENA region and 332 million worldwide, LinkedIn is the best place to establish your professional identity, connect with trusted contacts, and gain access to professional knowledge that will help you be better at the job you have. This could be knowing when your clients bring on new members of the team, staying up to speed with industry news, or reading and applying insights from some of LinkedIn’s 500 Influencers, including Sir Richard Branson, Fadi Ghandour, and many more.

Be more aware: LinkedIn’s professional audience is among the most influential, affluent and educated on the Internet, making it extremely attractive to more and more brands from Saudi Telecom to Emirates Airline. The unique professional context of LinkedIn differentiates it from other social media platforms, and offers brands the opportunity to put the right content in front of the right member at the right time, helping them make better business decisions, or even choose how to treat themselves on payday. Being present and active on the site will help you to help your clients.

Be more connected: Smart people known smart people, and LinkedIn can help your team connect and stay in touch with their peers in the industry, giving you a direct line into your next hire. More and more companies are using LinkedIn to inform their business strategy through better understanding the available talent in the industry, and building pipelines of potential candidates.

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