REVEALED: Your Digital Shopping Style

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Whoever said that money can’t buy happiness simply didn’t know where to go shopping!

While many would argue the above quote, it does hold a bit of truth. For some, shopping is a necessity, for others, therapy. Either way, shopping is an activity that compels the human body to coordinate with its mind in such a fashion that at the end the task feels like an accomplishment.

With the advent of online shopping, purchase of goods has indeed become convenient. However, there are still some people who like to engage in the traditional method of shopping — that is, to go out and browse through items at a store.

To help visualize consumers’ varying online shopping preferences, Havas Worldwide created an infographic that categorizes consumers into four groups of digital shopping styles:

  1. Digitally Dissociated
  2. Digitally Divided
  3. Digitally Experimental
  4. Digitally Integrated

Key Highlights of ‘What Style of Digital Shopper Are You’ study:

Digitally Dissociated — Only 12% shopped online past year

  • Middle East online shoppers most Digitally Dissociated
  • Primary Reason Why Shoppers Prefer Traditional – Touch & Feel experience (57%)
  • 80% of online shoppers still concerned about safety

Digitally Divided — Happy shopping online, but not via mobile

  • 43% bought less than 10 items online last year
  • 64% online shoppers say Internet first stop for major purchase decisions
  • 32% shop online to avoid embarrassment of purchasing face-to-face
  • 48% say online shopping is overwhelming with many choices & too much info
  • 38% online shoppers say one single negative comment can dissuade them
  • 58% online shoppers visit store to see/try before buying it online

Digitally Experimental — 28% purchased 10-25 items online last year

  • 78% say shopping online saves them money
  • Online shopping points of access – 80% Home PC, 25% Mobile/Smartphone
  • Shopping is social – 51% online shoppers influenced by SocialMedia and Blogs

Digitally Integrated — 15% purchased 25+ items online last

  • 46% online shoppers frustrated when a retailer lacks online presence

So, what’s your style? Let us know in the comments!

Digital Shopping Infographic


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