Review: City Walk’s Most Trending Bedouin Themed Cafe

Lamb Shank Machboos Bdou Cafe
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At Arabian Gazette, every now and then we are surprised with inventive concepts in the amazing city, Dubai. When we were invited to a Bedouin themed restaurant, we rushed to make good use of the opportunity with the intention of experiencing something different.

Welcome to B’dou Cafe: a blend of Bedouin heritage and local flavors. The moment we walked into the cafe, we were greeted with a warm and traditional feeling of rich nomadic Arab hospitality.

At the Heart of Dubai

The cafe is located in the city’s most trendy upscale gourmet destination, City Walk, in Jumeira. For a cafe that aims to introduce international gastronomes to local flavors, this creative multi-purpose destination is a prime choice.

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A Space That Inspires Pride

As soon as we set foot inside the cafe, we begun to notice and appreciate the detailed interiors that compliment the eatery’s theme. Whether diners come to B’dou for a business lunch with colleagues or for a family dinner, it is a great place to sit back and mellow out.


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What’s in the Menu?

The cuisine at B’dou is a unique fusion of the best of Emirati and Saudi Arabian specialities.


We decided to start off with the local favorite, Grilled Halloumi. The chef’s magic seeped through each bite of the perfectly grilled moist cheese slices. We also ordered the colorful ice-cream look alike, B’dou Hummus Trio, that is served on a beautiful platter. The dish is extremely well-presented and the flavors include coriander, jalapeno and red peppers. While the presentation makes the Hummus Trio looks delicious, our taste buds could not tell the difference between the three options. The fresh bread as accompaniment to the Hummus is a nice touch and makes for a good social snack to munch on with your buddies. However, as a fine-dining appetizer, we recommend the Grilled Halloumi over the Hummus Trio.


Nothing beats a tall glass of freshly squeezed fruit juice. Sure, these are pretty straightforward and B’dou hasn’t done anything out of the ordinary to make their beverages stand out after all it isn’t their main theme. But the fresh juices do not fail to disappoint as thirst quenchers. Our top recommendations are fresh Orange and Green apple juices.

Main Course

We told B’dou to surprise us with their best. Soon after, a waiter brought us two big plates of Machboos, a traditional Emirati homemade specialty that has ruled the hearts of many for generations. It’s basically the Gulf’s take on the famed dish, Biryani. We had two variants of the dish to munch on for the rest of the day. The standard Chicken Machboos and the Lamb Shank Machboos. While these tasted pretty decent to leave a good impression, they were not anything different from what you would get a from a regular Emirati kitchen.

By the end of the meal, we were ready to be rolled out of the cafe. Seated in such a comfortable homelike set up, we had wolfed down our main course.


Rose Milk Cake

If there’s one thing that the entire team at Arabian Gazette has in common, it’s our sweet tooth. One dessert was not going to be enough so we decided to give their most recommended ones a shot. We got the B’dou Rose Milk Cake, which as the name suggests is cake submerged in rose milk topped off with some Persian rose petals for a nice touch and Pistachio White Chocolate Fondant which sounds like a super fancy dish but is exactly what the name suggests it is.

One thing we really liked about the desserts is that they weren’t overly sweet. I could taste the perfect blend of flavors gushing through my mouth as I enjoyed the sugar rush. The rose milk cake was extremely soft and submerged in a decent amount of Arabian rose milk. While the presentation of the desserts was excellent, we did not find anything extraordinary compared to other eateries that serve the same items.

The Final Verdict

The team at B’dou definitely deserves a round of applause. Overall, the creative contemporary space successfully brings the Arab Bedouin vibe to global epicures. Even with the limited menu that needs tweaks and improvements, the food was not bad.

Given its prime location, the cafe’s pricing is slightly on the higher side with an average for two people mounting up to around AED 300. Dining at B’dou cafe is an exceptional experience and we certainly hope to see their team introduce more traditional dishes with a slight twist to make them stand out from the rest of the crowd. But if you want an open space to take a breather and just enjoy some delicious Machboos, this is your place to be.

Book your table with B’dou Café, located in Unit 7 of City Walk Dubai, by calling +971 4 228 8775, visiting or contacting @bdoucafe on Instagram.

(Editing by Hafsa Qadeer)

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