Review: Hotel Barrière Le Majestic Cannes is truly majestic

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Majestic Barriere

Hotel Barrière Le Majestic Cannes can be summed up as the best luxury hotel in the best location.

Since its creation in 1926, the Hotel Barrière Le Majestic Cannes has never ceased to evolve. Initiated by Henri Ruhl and quickly followed by the Barriere family, its turbulent history is worth it today to combine tradition, luxury and modernity.

As part of a press trip organized by the Majestic Barriere, we had the privilege to test ourselves and enjoy the services of the Fouquet’s restaurant, “Petite Maison de Nicole”, the “Spa Blend of Clarins”.

We arrived at the Majestic hosted from the Orly airport by Jean Pierre who took us by plane to Nice, then a van from Chez Majestic drove us to Cannes. Now it is the most favorite 5 stars hotels at French Riviera, choose by the rich upper Clientele form Middle East and USA, Russia and some celebrities and the Jet Set. This is what we call the reward of success…

For the happy few, The Majestic Barriere will be closed from January 2017 till February, during three weeks, for a better refreshing up of the building, and light restoration. The decision of the owner Dominique Desseigne is in line with his demanding approach of keeping the legendary, 5 stars hotel with a contemporary touch even more modernised although keeping its “cachet”. So does agree the clientele loyal to the Majestic Barriere, which is also very demanding.

Majestic Barriere French Riviera


Nicole Rubi, a legendary lady whose restaurant of Nice was duplicated at Fouquets, because she is a great friend of Dominique Desseigne, owner of the Group Barriere Fouquets. This friendship encouraged Dominique Desseigne, to installing this restaurant in homage to his friend Nicole, a gesture elegant and relevant, in 2010. He was very inspired because this small authentic chic restaurant that requires now a reservation in advance for the happy few who wish to taste the cuisine of the South of France.

Chef Maryan, offered us savory and warm entrees buffets, mozarella, tomatoes with crisp artichokes, enhanced with a recipe dressing, foie gras lentils, deliciously simple and effective, squid fritters and crispy cuttlefish and freshly peach. This is because simplicity meets with gastronomy, it is assumed given the proximity of the Mediterranean Sea. The dish was to be followed by a square of lamb which we relegated, as the entrees were so consistent and generously served that we were no longer hungry.

Only gluttony allowed us to taste luckily the tiramisu “Excellenti-ssime” and the white chocolate mousse with raspberries. That was what we call “A gourmet delight” for the sweet palate. We ended up with a white coffee in the Lebanese, as Chef Maryan had stayed there a few years. This infusion of orange blossom water was very much appreciated both for the palate and for the stomach for its digestive virtues. Probably one of the best tables of the South fo France, as every connoisseur would reckon…after tasting…The best recipe is the right combination of fresh products, mostly form the Mediterranean Sea, and the resort to the traditional ancient Nice secret recipes, revisited, by Chef Maryan Gandon and his brigade.

I would recommend for a full pleasure of the palate and genuine tastes, the fine tempura fried of zucchini flowers, small stuffed “Niçois”, a salad of violet artichokes, a “brouillade of truffles”, red mullets of the country in frying, a lobster flea king of the Mediterranean roasted or of crunchy “Calamaretti Fritti”.

The decoration showcases the same values as the cuisine, the simplicity, conviviality, softness and refinement. It is signed Jacqueline Morabito, longtime accomplice of Nicole Rubi. The little house of Nicole keeps a family air with its big sister Nice. Here, white and beige dominate, and one can, thanks to an astute system of sliding curtains, isolate itself from the rest of the room. In a corner of the restaurant, a XXL table in gray wood recalls the tables of hosts, friendly and without fuss. The guests are then dominated.

The set of design and decoration is simply sophisticated, with all virgin white atmosphere and wood, gives warmer ambiance by night, for dinner time. The sober style is nearly nude, allowing the guests to occupy all the space of the warm restaurant large room, full of light. We owe this decoration and the rich and colorful works to the Dutch artist Hayo Sol, a gifted pop art artist who found her vocation very young at heart to sublimate the most beautiful women of the 7th art and fashion, with her acrylic and metal paints highlighted with Swarovski crystals.

Twenty years ago, in an old tea-room located at the entrance of Old Nice, opposite the Opera, Nicole Rubi opened her restaurant of local cuisine. On the menu: flavours “Nissartes” (Specialties from Nice), a little Provence and some borrowing from the Italian neighbours.

No one imagined then that the reputation of the table would go worldwide. By the only grace of a word of mouth enthusiastically, always boasts the freshness and the flavour of the plates, the rigor in the cuisine and the warmth of the service, allowed the Niçoise address to conquer a superb clientele.

Many Nice people have been loyal for many years and the Guest Book is rich in the initials of celebrities from around the world that Nicole and her team initiate in the most beautiful ways dedicated to the local terroir. A reputation worthy of the small house for having developed a gift of ubiquity: it opened in London, in 2008, two steps from New Bond street, settled in 2010 at 10, La Croisette, within the Majestic and opened its doors in January 2013 at the Hotel Barriere Le Fouquet’s Paris.

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