Review: Priority Pass. An Ultimate Traveller’s Essential

Priority Pass review
Guaranteed stunning scenery. Runway view from the TAV primeclass lounge at Zürich Airport. Image courtesy-Priority Pass
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A premium airport lounge membership program can ease your travel stress a lot. We review Priority Pass which provides members with access to airport lounges around the world, including allowing holders to visit lounges with economy class or premium economy class tickets. Read to know more!

Priority Pass. An Ultimate Traveller’s Essential.

For someone who’s travelled to about 21 countries across the world, it’s fair to say that airports are pretty much my second home. But that doesn’t mean I enjoy my time there because I really don’t. The immigration checks followed by security, and then waiting to board the flight… to me is just a test of my patience.

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But what if it didn’t have to be this boring. What if it didn’t have to be this hectic. What if you could just board a flight right after a warm shower and a hot meal. You see, that’s where ‘Priority Pass’ comes in. No slower Wifi-connections, Countless airport announcements, crappy lay-overs…

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With over 1300+ lounges across the world, they make sure you are perfectly rejuvenated before you board your flight.

Now at Arabian Gazette, I’m sure all you readers are aware that we don’t just write reviews based on facts or brochures or press releases. We use the products ourselves, push it to the limits and then give our verdict. So for this review, we tested out our membership in the UAE, Various Cities in India, United States and lastly Azerbaijan.

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So let’s find out if subscribing to Priority Pass is actually worth it.

What is Priority Pass

Think of it like a global membership that could use at pretty much any partner airport in the world that is independent of which airline you are flying with or the class of ticket you have purchased. You get a physical card in the mail or you just download an app on your smartphone which shows all your membership details. The physical card is accepted everywhere but the digital card is still a work in progress.

Who is it for

In a nutshell. Frequent travellers. People who travel the world like there’s no tomorrow but would also like to maintain a certain level of sophistication without breaking the bank. If you’re someone who travels once or twice a year, this may not be for you simply because it does not make sense from an economical point of view.

But if you are indeed someone who travels say even once or twice a month, this membership will be a blessing in disguise.

Where can I use it

On their official web-site, priority pass claims their membership is accepted at over 1300+ lounges in 600 cities across 148 different countries. That’s a lot and in my experience, they’ve covered pretty much every single major city.

I had the privilege of using it in Dubai, Chennai, Las Vegas, New York and Baku all within a year and boy did I have quite an experience.

You just walk-in with your boarding pass and the barcode on your priority pass app. If the app isn’t accepted, just show them the physical card. Few checks and you’re good to go.

So what can you do at an airport lounge 

Pretty simple. You can relax and read the news in a peaceful environment. Grab a nice hot meal because let’s face it, food on board a plane is garbage. Use the business centre to attend to your work related matters since most of them are equipped with high speed internet and printers if you need physical copies of your valuable documents. Get a quick shower or a massage at the spa. Possibilities are endless. Priority Pass takes pride emphasizing on tranquillity, service, space and comfort.

Usually whenever I have to travel abroad, I go to the airport extra early so I can relax at the lounge without worrying about missing my flight. Make productive use of my time sending emails or catching up with my friends and family so I could probably get some rest during the flight.

All this seems nice but it sure does sound expensive 

Not necessarily. Priority Pass has well-crafted plans to suit pretty much everybody’s needs without breaking the bank.

You’ve got three different plans to choose from. Standard, Standard Plus and Prestige.

Standard Plan 

At USD 99 annually, this is for the occasional traveler. You pay a sum of USD 32 for each visit to an airport lounge. There are no free visits and additional guests are also charged at USD 32/.

Standard Plus 

Next in line, priced at USD 299 a year, this is ideal for those travelers who are looking at more value for money plan. The ‘Standard Plus’ comes with 10 Free Visits included that can be used at any partner lounge in the world. Subsequent visits are charged at USD 32 per visit and USD 32 for each additional guest.


This would be my favorite plan from the lot because a ‘Prestige’ member gets unlimited visits throughout the year at any partner lounge for only USD 429. If you are someone who has to travel every month or every week, nothing makes more sense financially than the ‘Prestige’ plan.

Let me mathematically break this down for you:

A regular visit to an airport lounged is priced at USD 32. Let’s say you take two flights a month. So that’s 2 Lounge Visits right there at USD 64 (USD 32 x 2)

Now if you do the math, that adds up to USD 768. But the ‘Prestige’ plan from Priority Pass only costs USD 429 for unlimited visits. Hence this is the plan we highly recommend if you are a frequent traveler.

What other benefits do I get 

Priority Pass Members are also entitled to over 800 offers worldwide at various dining, retail and spa outlets. Customer service and support is available 24×7 throughout the year with their highly qualified multilingual team for any queries you might have.


A ‘Priority Pass’ membership is a no-brainer. It simply makes travelling a lot more peaceful, productive and pleasurable. With multiple options to choose from, ‘Priority Pass’ has a plan to choose from for every single traveller out there. Do check out their website for more information!

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