Reviewed: Sesame Restaurant Dubai – When Your Palate Deserves Something Extraordinary

Review of Sesame Restaurant Dubai
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Review of Sesame restaurant in Jumeirah, Dubai: This is the place to be if you are in for a super-healthy, superfood, which embodies the age-old wellness concept of ‘Food as Medicine’

Sesame. A spice whose usage dates back to 5000 years ago when the Asians burned it not only as a source of light but also to create soot for their blocks of ink. Throughout time, Sesame seeds have been used as a source of food and oil.  They are extremely beneficial for health in preventing diabetes, a variety of cancers, sleep disorders, and are also known to aid in improving blood circulation and overall digestion.

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Over the weekend, Arabian Gazette was invited to a restaurant for health-conscious enthusiasts.  Sesame Restaurant a ‘plant-forward’ eatery located at the Sunset Mall in Jumeirah 3 had opened its doors to the public just a few months ago. Every dish of theirs seems to have some sort of therapeutic application for a specific purpose.

Although in the same league, Sesame is very different from Taipei Dao, the other restaurant serving super healthy food, which we reviewed some time back,

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So, what is ‘Plant-forward’?

In case you are wondering the concept of ‘plant-forward’ like we did, here’s one definition that we like from Plant Forward Global 50, which is a must-know global list of 50 chefs and restaurants who are advancing plant-forward food choices about. It says:

“A style of cooking and eating that emphasizes and celebrates, but is not limited to, plant-based foods—including fruits and vegetables; whole grains; beans, other legumes, and soy foods; nuts and seeds; plant oils; and herbs and spices—and that reflects evidence-based principles of health and sustainability.”


We started off our meal with their signature mocktails, The SS Tulsi Elixir which is a blend of Tulsi, Rose, Cardamom, Basil seeds, lime and honey. A drink that packs quite the punch. However, the SS Lemongrass Coconut will definitely emerge as my favorite though as it was like something I had never tasted before. It had a very Thai feel to it with an aroma of something you would find in a luxurious spa. Both were extremely unique drinks that quenched our thirst with a rather extravagant taste.

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Drinks at Sesame Restaurant Dubai
The signature Black Milk with sesame seeds, banana and honey is a must-try.


Moving on to appetizers, we began munching on a unique pâté of mushrooms, walnuts and lentils. Such a simple combination of ingredients but mind you, it was nothing less of an explosion of flavors in my mouth.

 Sesame Restaurant Dubai
Mushroom & Walnut Pâté is an amazing combination of mushroom, walnut and lentil, served with whole wheat seed crackers

But for someone who’s a hardcore non-vegetarian (No offense vegans), the pomegranate meat balls came to the rescue. Tiny table-tennis sized and pomegranate glazed balls arrived flaming hot, sprinkled with pistachio nuts and gently laid out on a surface of crushed cauliflower. Yep, I agree. Sounds crazy. The attention to detail the chefs have laid out to is phenomenal. The appearance, texture, aroma and so on have been intricately planned.

 Sesame Restaurant Dubai
Lamb meat balls glazed with pomegranate juice and sprinkled with pistachio

The Avocado Toast with Goat Cheese & Honey, a Sesame Signature item, was wholesome and had a nice balance of avocado and fresh goat cheese sitting pretty on slice of toasted bread.

Signature dish Avocado Toast with Goat Cheese & Honey is another wholesome dish that we liked.

Another very popular dish at Sesame that we tried was the Seaweed & Lotus Salad. It’s truly a nourishing dish packed with superfoods including mixed seaweed and lotus root, and is served along with carrot, tomato, cucumber and homemade sesame dressing. This is one dish you must try just for its natural goodness and flavour.

 Sesame Restaurant Dubai
Seaweed & Lotus Salad, a popular dish, is mixed seaweed and lotus root, served along with carrot, tomato, cucumber and homemade sesame dressing

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Transitioning to our much-awaited main course, for someone who goes bonkers over Arabic food, the Falafel Waffles sounded like a fusion of middle-eastern and European cuisine. Holy c*ap was I excited. But to our much ordeal, they turned out to be as dry as the Sahara Desert. Okay maybe that was pushing it a little bit. But none of us enjoyed it much as it sort of lacked flavor too and the staff tried to justify it by saying the extra homemade harissa mayo given along with was meant to compensate for the lack of moisture.

 Sesame Restaurant Dubai
The Herb falafel waffle is served along with a very creatively poached egg and tomato, mixed greens and homemade harissa mayo.

But hey! I did mention I was a hardcore non-vegetarian, and the ‘Five Spice Lamb’ did not disappoint me. The dish, an amalgamation of a plethora of ingredients in one plate sort of left me confused at first but then I slowly began to embrace the flavors one by one and it was delicious.

 Sesame Restaurant Dubai
Five Spice Lamb comes with mixed vegetables, rice noodles and homemade five spice blend

The Salmon and Greens, a surprising addition to the menu, comes with pea puree and sauteed kale. The fillet was properly cooked with precision as the moisture was still intact as a lot of eateries seem to overcook the fish. However, we wished more veggies were served along with.

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What’s the one thing most people look forward to in a restaurant? Dessert. Absolutely. Though Sesame’s offerings might seem a little limited in this category, you can’t really blame them as they’re promoting a healthy array of dishes and you can’t always have it both ways. But the Orange Polenta Cake with Saffron and Orange Blossom is a very promising dish. Drizzled with honey labneh, a lot of the times, we were actually quite confused with every bite. It’s actually a very weird experience but in a good way. You’re sort of left confused with some sort of an umami taste and that’s kind of the beauty of it. You decide how you want to interpret the flavors as each of us had a different explanation to what we were experiencing.

There were other tempting desserts that we wanted to try – the signature Coconut Lime Pudding Pot, Flourless Chocolate Slice and the Salted Chocolate Pot – but had to be saved for our next visit with friends and family!

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The Verdict

For someone who is looking forward to experimenting on something entirely new and healthy, Sesame Restaurant in Dubai offers its diners a unique set of dishes to munch on. They aren’t too heavy but they will definitely leave you satisfied.

We would definitely go back to try on their breakfast meal options which are power-packed and nutritious. Some of which are:

Acai Bowl – with acai, banana, homemade granola, coconut, nut butter, pumpkin seeds and bee pollen.

Sesame Omega Porridge – with the goodness of oats, cashew milk, banana, apricot, nut butter, flax seed oil and served with homemade spice blend.

Carrot Banana Pancakes – made from buckwheat, carrot, banana, date & pomegranate syrup and topped with nut butter drizzle.

Sesame Restaurant is located at Sunset Mall on Jumeirah Road and is open daily from 7:30 AM to 10:00 PM. An average meal for two would cost approximately AED 250.


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