Review: 2019 Toyota Camry Hybrid Limited

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Are you looking to buy a hybrid car? here’s our review of the stylishly designed and extremely fuel efficient Toyota Camry Hybrid Limited. Read more to find out if this is the right car for you!

Let’s face it. When it comes to reliability, you simply can’t go wrong with Japanese cars. With its competitive pricing strategies and no compromise on quality, one brand that always seems to pop up on everyone’s mind is Toyota.

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Even back in college, The ‘Toyota Production System’ was a concept all the professors would talk about over and over again. But this isn’t a history class. It’s a review of something we found to be quite revolutionary.

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Petrol prices in the UAE have been on the rise for four months in a row with no surprise for the month of June. So what’s the POA now that we’ve got two big problems to tackle? We’ve got rising fuel prices on one side and then an urge to do whatever little we can to save the planet.

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You see, that’s where the brand new Toyota Hybrid Limited Edition 2019 comes into the picture.


  • 2.5L 4-Cylinder Hybrid Engine
  • CVT Transmission
  • Average Fuel Economy of 26KM/ Liter
  • 215HP/220NM


  • Multiple Driving Modes (EV, Eco, Sport and Normal)
  • Dual Auto Air-Conditioning System
  • Keyless Entry and Keyless Start
  • 7 inch TFT Multi Information Display
  • Wireless Charger for your smartphone
  • Leather Seating Arrangements
  • Powered Seats (Driver and Front Passenger)
  • Powered Back Sun Shade
  • Auto Retractable Door mirrors with Side Indicators
  • LED Headlamps with Auto-Leveling
  • Rear View Camera
  • Safety Features like ABS, EBD, BA, VSC, HAC
  • Dual, Front and Side Airbags

What we Liked

  • Doesn’t look or feel like a taxi
  • Stellar safety features
  • Ridiculously good fuel economy
  • Super comfy for long drives
  • You could fit a ton of things in the trunk

What we didn’t like

  • Acceleration is a little slow
  • A little bit of an expensive investment

Camry Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV)

When it comes to a Toyota Camry, the first thing that comes in everyone’s minds is the word ‘Taxi’ and we certainly can’t blame you for it. Growing up in Dubai, this was the Road Transport Authority’s (RTA) top choice for what would essentially become one of the best cab systems in the world. Now that doesn’t just happen if their choice of cars weren’t great.

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In Dubai, the thousands of Camry taxis plying in the city have always been incredibly reliable and comfortable to commute for both residents and tourists. However, I was surprised because the moment I got into the 2019 Toyota Camry Hybrid, it simply didn’t feel like a taxi anymore.

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It was an amalgamation of luxury and innovation at its finest but with a mid-tier pricing strategy that is conventionally more expensive than regular sedans, but still wouldn’t break the bank.

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You see, the Toyota Camry Hybrid really does live up to its name by offering you a comfortable and peaceful drive along with being eco-friendly. Now being eco-friendly is a win-win situation because not only does it save the environment, but it also saves you a lot of money on fuels costs. Now lower fuel consumption means lower maintenance requirements. Getting where we are going with this? It means, in the long run, the overall financial investment will only work in your favor because you really do get back what you paid for and even more – as you drive more!

Toyota simply wants you drive nothing but the best.

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Truth be told, I loved the sporty exterior on the new camry. It’s aggressive and sporty but at the same time also shows how much of a family friendly car it is. You could fit an entire football team in there and still have loads of space in the trunk for all the equipment. Okay maybe that was a little bit of an exaggeration but we aren’t kidding. It really is a big car. The LED headlights are a nice added touch and adds to the overall aesthetic appeal of the car.

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You can’t really tell the difference between the Standard and Hybrid car from the inside but nonetheless, it’s still very impressive. Camry HEV’s very driver-centric as all the controls are easily accessible within a hand’s reach making you feel like the pilot of an aircraft.

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Interiors look plush and the cabin is quite spacious for you to be seated comfortably. A 7-inch multi-information display stays right at the center of the console giving all the information you need about your current drive. A wireless charging pad allows you to simply charge your phone by placing it there.

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Rear-AC vents ensure the passengers stay comfortable during the hot scorching heat of the UAE and is a nice added touch. Seats are made of leather and have a lovely beige finish to it. Comfortable to sit on and simply relax while the world revolves around you.


There’s no denying that everyone loves a sporty look and with a rather aggressive front grill, it definitely raises a few heads while zooming through the streets. The Camry Hybrid 2019 is actually based on the Toyota New Global Architecture Platform (TNGA).

Futuristic looking LED Headlamps and that Toyota Logo with the blue outline simply make the vehicle stand out like no other. Trunk space is legendary. There is an integrated spoiler right on the trunk for a sleek design appearance.

Driving Experience

Camry HEV is extremely quiet when you start it.

A little heads up. I’ve never driven a hybrid car before. This was my first hybrid car to be tested ever. So naturally, when I pushed the ‘Start’ button, I expected the usual engine rev sound. But nothing happened. The car still seemed like it was on battery. I thought there was something wrong until I figured out that the car was in fact switched on. The engine was running and ready to zoom through the streets of Dubai.

You see, this is where the Hybrid Engine does its magic. You don’t feel a thing. It’s the combination of a regular conventional engine and an electric motor. Though Toyota claims about 26 KM per liter of fuel, we were actually able to achieve 21 KM per liter which is still pretty good. For someone who has to do long drives every day, this is a blessing in its purest automotive form.

The driving modes come in handy depending on the kind of situation you are in. If you’re zooming through the city we would recommend the sport mode for quicker acceleration. If you’re simply cruising through the highway then ‘Eco’ mode is your best bet as it really increases the fuel efficiency.

EV mode doesn’t really work in high speeds and is mostly used where you’re going in much slower speeds like the parking lot. No vibrations or anything in high speeds. Suspensions are perfectly tuned for those uneven road surfaces and unexpected bumps.


If given a choice between Camry HEV and one of its competitor’s cars of the same class, there’s no doubt the Camry Hybrid 2019 offers great value. It’s fast, safe and loaded with features to keep yourself immersed in all the gizmos. Though the difference in pricing between the standard and hybrid variants might sting you a little bit, in the long run, we’d definitely recommend going for the Hybrid variant because you can easily recuperate the additional cost paid in fuel savings.

The vehicle structure feels rigid and strong. With all the safety features included as standard, you can drive your family around with complete peace of mind.

At the time of writing, The Toyota Camry Hybrid 2019 was priced at AED 133,000.

So does the ‘Toyota Camry Hybrid 2019’ pass the Arabian Gazette vehicle test? Definitely!

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