Rise of the Digital Bug

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Rise of the Digital Bug – pixelbug launches augmented reality solutions for businesses

Augmented Reality set to Account for Over 30% of Mobile Application Budgets by 2015

Dubai, UAE  – pixelbug, the region’s first marketing technology innovators, today announced the launch of their new augmented reality solutions for businesses.

Augmented reality is the process of overlaying digital content onto a real life physical environment when viewed through camera-enabled devices such as smartphones, tablets or personal computers.

Having already successfully executed major projects in the region for P&G, Novartis and Samsonite, pixelbug has firmly established itself as the marketing technology partner for leading multinational and local brands.

“75% of mobile phone users in the Middle East own smartphones and 67% of those access the net through their devices”, said founder and managing partner Dany El Eid. “What we aim to do is allow people to engage and explore products and brands in ways that were never before possible using augmented reality technologies”.

Managing partner Elie-Charles Youssef said, “Digital marketing campaigns with augmented reality features deliver, on average, 55,000 unique users per month with an average dwell time of 7 minutes and 45 seconds.

“What’s important to note here, versus other marketing initiatives, is that the technology is not forced onto the consumer. It is a decision by the consumer to engage out of an interest and willingness to explore a product in a fun and innovative way, in their own time”.

Smartphone penetration in the UAE is one of the highest in the world at over 62%, followed closely by Saudi Arabia at 60%. While augmented reality business solutions are not yet main-stream, several leading brands have adopted the concept hoping to associate their brand with the innovative technology.

“As one of the region’s leading brands, Ariel is always exploring new ways to showcase its innovative technology and communicate with our customers in an engaging way”, said Omair Siddiqui, Brand Operations Manager at P&G, Dubai UAE.

“We work closely with pixelbug, as our marketing technology partners, and together have successfully launched interactive on ground activations that immersed our customers into Ariel’s cleaning process. We were able to fuse virtual elements with the customer’s real life physical interactions with the Ariel box, creating a totally new experience”.

Dany believes augmented reality (AR) technology unlocks boundless opportunities. “The best thing about AR is that it transcends all industries. We’ve worked with government, automotive, education, healthcare and FMCG brands. We currently have interesting projects in the pipeline with major airline, banking, tourism and hotel brands”.

A key advantage of AR applications is the data analytics, which provide crucial information on the number of active users, gender, ethnicity and most importantly in app. dwell time – data that can be used to measure ROI. Leveraging AR with a print advertisement campaign, for example, can yield powerful results and provide accurate user demographics for print publications that were never before possible.

Elie added, “We always strive to deliver experiences that serve a purpose or solve an actual business issue, be it driving footfall, increasing awareness or maximizing sales. The “wow” factor alone just isn’t sustainable in the long term”.

pixelbug focuses on enhancing business objectives by using interactive digital solutions designed to drive sales and deliver breathtaking customer experiences.

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About pixelbug: 

at pixelbug, we are marketing technology innovators that focus on enhancing business objectives by using interactive digital solutions designed to drive sales and deliver breathtaking customer experiences.

The following is an overview of our core areas of expertise:

  • augmented reality
  • mobile/web application development
  • touch and gesture based technologies
  • 3D/4D projection mapping

Please find our company credentials at http://prezi.com/y5kbnxvyriyc/rise-of-the-bug/ Be sure to view in Full Screen (bottom right corner of window click ‘More>Fullscreen’. Then navigate using the right and left keyboard cursors to go forward and back.

Alternatively you can go to our website www.pixelbug.ae or contact us by telephone on +971 4 368 0871 or email on [email protected]; [email protected]

About the partners:

Dany El-Eid, Founder and Managing Partner: A technologically savvy entrepreneur, Dany pioneers in fusing online and offline technologies that create buzz and drive sales. This has been true ever since his marketing role with PUMA Middle East where, early on, he devised premier social media strategies to generate positive word-of-mouth about the brand and its offline activities. Since then, Dany’s creativity and lateral thinking attracted the attention of several entrepreneurial outfits seeking his skill set to provide crucial input in regards to generating sales through innovative digital strategy and tactics. Today, with the region’s only patent in augmented reality technology, through his groundbreaking work with the Qatar Foundation’s Stars of Science initiative, Dany is set to become one of the region’s leading figures in the digital and online high technology industry.

Elie-Charles Youssef, Managing Partner: Elie’s passion for projection technology dates all the way back to his Engineering degree where he researched the effect of varying electrical currents on LEDs (light emitting diodes) with different facet coatings. Upon completing his Master’s degree in Computer Science, from the University of Bath in the UK, Elie moved to Dubai to pursue a career as a business analyst for the implementation of the Oracle ERP system for the Nissan Dealership. It is here Elie honed his ability to re-engineer enterprise business processes and build them into actual tools that added value and optimized user experiences. A marketeer at heart, Elie’s technical background and business acumen eventually led him to a role with Kassab Media, where he led the development of the Metro advertising project from conception to execution. Elie went on to pioneer the design and procurement of Dubai’s first LED screen built directly over the Emirate’s busiest highway, Sheikh Zayed Road, on the Mall of Emirates Metro footbridge. At pixelbug, Elie aims to use his experience to help client’s push boundaries and achieve their business objectives through the use of cutting edge innovative technologies.

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