The Rise of the Roadshow Truck

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Top tips to provide mobile experiential campaigns that increase consumer engagement and sales!

EMS event marketing services
Event Marketing Solutions’ roadshow campaign in action

A new generation of marketing is taking the world by storm. Roadshow truck marketing, already incredibly popular in the US and Europe, is now inspiring marketeers across the Middle East, as the recent opening of Event Marketing Solutions (EMS) Middle East office is a testament to it.

In today’s plugged-in world, creativity and innovation are vital to engaging audiences, and experiential campaigns such as roadshows can significantly impact the bottom line, increasing the likelihood of consumers engaging with a brand and going on to make a purchase. They achieve this in a number of ways:

Captivating the audience

Roadshow trucks provide highly engaging bespoke environments where brands can truly captivate an audience, whether internal or external, and showcase their products. They feature cutting edge design combined with a creative use of fixtures, fittings and materials to provide countless options for organisations, from demonstration and educational hubs, interactive showrooms and VIP entertainment suites, to replication of in-store brand architecture. Roadshows are a great example of brand creativity,  demonstrating that they will go the extra mile to educate, train and showcase products and services to customers.

Reaching them on their doorstep

Effective roadshows are not limited to specific industries; whilst the technology and oil & gas sectors have wholly embraced the concept – this has a lot to do with the complex and heavy nature of products and services – there has been an increasing trend of food and fashion retailers taking to the road as a more direct way of reaching their target audience. Government campaigns are also taking advantage of the opportunities to communicate face-to-face with their hard-to-reach target audiences in order to drive behavior change and educate people.

Going Social

With a roadshow tour, brands can easily travel around the world, entertaining and selling to customers in multiple countries each week. This journey can be shared online, extending the campaign’s reach through social media, with conversations around the build-up, on the day and post-event all going viral. This ensures customers are waiting in anticipation for the arrival – and there’s nothing like the impact of a giant, gleaming, branded truck arriving on-site.

The personal touch

The tours are interactive and personal, giving customers the chance to get up-close and try products for themselves. In terms of retail, this is the next step of innovation after the pop-up store. The tours make good business sense as they help to fast-track the next stage in the buying cycle.


Companies have an opportunity to get in front of their customers and deliver a live experience in the most impactful way during a roadshow, providing far more opportunities for engagement than static product displays or open promises on AV message walls.

Smart marketeers can maximise the return on investment by incorporating product overviews, private meetings (in separate business rooms), and one-to-one product demonstrations inside the truck. This integrated VIP experience strategically lengthens the time spent with the client.

Team Work

For international companies with a global network of offices and partners, roadshows can be a great support for internal communications, product communications and training. Sharing a campaign of this nature and pooling spend ensures an effective use of market development funds and the creation of a truly impressive campaign – something that would probably be unaffordable alone.


Unlike actual offices and stores, mobile environments are relatively quick to get up and running. This enables a fast response to meet changing market demand without waiting for the next big trade show or event, and the opportunity to take advantage of the seasons with a lead time of four weeks entirely achievable.

In summary, roadshow truck environments make a brand interaction, whether internal or external, more fun and ultimately more memorable, giving organisations an edge over their competitors and delivering a superior customer service by providing immediacy and convenience.

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