Riverbed introduces new Whitewater cloud storage gateway appliance for Middle East enterprises

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Philippe Elie, Director, Business Operations EMEA, Riverbed

Press Release

Riverbed Technology (NASDAQ: RVBD), the performance company, today introduced a new Whitewater® cloud storage gateway model appliance to handle larger backup data workloads and a next generation operating system for all Whitewater appliance models. The new Whitewater model 3010 appliance offers four times the local storage capacity of previous models to address larger scale Middle East enterprise requirements. Additionally, Riverbed® is introducing Whitewater Operating System (WWOS) version 2.0, which was built for enterprise-grade performance, high scalability and simplified administration. Whitewater appliances running WWOS 2.0 will enable enterprises in the region to better leverage cloud storage to meet their critical backup requirements, modernize their data management strategies and overcome the challenges created by the staggering pace of data growth.

While companies have relied on tape-based backups for decades, the growth of data is putting enterprises at risk because the process of recovering data from tapes often exceeds service level agreements (SLAs) demanded by the business. Some enterprises have responded by moving to replicated disk-based backup strategies, but relentless data growth has made these configurations cost-prohibitive for many IT departments. As a result, data protection is becoming an increasingly difficult and expensive task for enterprises. At the same time, cloud storage prices are continuing to drop to new lows making it a new, more cost-effective and attractive alternative to enterprises. Cloud storage gateways like Whitewater enable organizations to instantly leverage the scale and flexibility of the cloud as they seek to securely manage and protect vital business and customer information.

Whitewater appliances modernize data protection and streamline IT operations for organizations of all sizes. Whitewater appliances eliminate tape, improve disaster recovery (DR) readiness, and seamlessly integrate with existing data protection software applications to reduce costs 30 to 50 percent over tape and replicated disk solutions. The result is a fast return on investment that leverages the cloud for backup storage and as a DR site. This lights out, no tape backup model frees administrators from mundane backup tasks and allows them to focus on higher value IT projects. Organizations typically deploy Whitewater appliances and begin moving data to the cloud in less than an hour and can connect popular data protection applications to leading cloud service providers without changes to existing infrastructure, schedules or policies.

Introducing the Whitewater 3010 Enterprise Class Storage Gateway Appliance for Cloud-based Data Protection

To better meet the needs of Middle East enterprises, Riverbed is introducing the Whitewater 3010 model appliance for larger backup data sets. With four times the disk storage and twice the RAM of the previous largest Whitewater model, enterprises can quickly improve their data protection, implement a low cost backup storage tier and enjoy the benefits of pay-for-use cloud storage.

Improved Efficiency and Simplified Management with Whitewater Operating System 2.0

In the new WWOS 2.0, Riverbed is introducing several new features that enable enterprises in the region to have more efficient, reliable backup and restores, as well as centralized administration and remote support.

  • Increased Capacity – Enterprises can confidently move to the cloud as larger full backups are supported. When used with the Whitewater 3010 model appliance, enterprises can now support up to 32 TB of deduplicated local storage and 160 TB of deduplicated cloud storage. This capacity increase represents total source data of 1.6 PB to 4.8 PB.
  • Improved Ingest Performance – To ensure that backups can be accomplished during tight backup windows, WWOS 2.0 offers increased data ingest performance for faster processing of larger backups. With the Whitewater 3010 model appliance, enterprises can see up to a 50 percent improvement over previous models.
  • Management Dashboard – To ensure the protection of critical business data, a new enterprise management dashboard provides users with real time monitoring and advanced reporting to better analyze, monitor and manage cloud backup processes.
  • Remote Management – Enterprises can remotely control and centrally manage Whitewater appliances using lights-out management technology to reboot, shutdown or monitor one or more appliances.
  • Proactive Alerting – To eliminate issues before they impact operations, enterprises can set up alerts to notify administrators when critical thresholds are projected to be reached.
  • Windows Active Directory Integration – Enterprises can streamline operations and improve security by centrally managing user access to Whitewater appliances leveraging existing Windows Active Directory policies and deployments. 

For more information about Whitewater cloud storage gateway appliances, visit http://www.riverbed.com/whitewater

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