Riviera Grill: A Seafood Mega Bonanza

Riviera Seafood Grill REVIEW
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Arabian Gazette reviews Riviera Seafood Grill restaurant in JBR, Dubai.

Set in a fantastic Mediterranean french riviera setting, adorned with superb service and top it with the freshest fish in town – that’s Riviera Seafood Grill.

Fish, a dietary staple of most coastal regions, is also one of the healthiest of super foods. But when it comes to seafood, it is not every chef’s cup of tea!

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Where most restaurants go wrong is, their dependency on frozen seafood that provides convenience of cooking but robs off the authentic taste from the meal. Seafood is best enjoyed when the catch is fresh and you can feel the ocean gushing down your throat.

Riviera Seafood Grill’s majority dishes are made from freshly procured sustainable sources. The catch comes fresh on a daily basis — as fresh as it can get!

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On a pleasant Saturday evening, the Riviera Beach Grill at the Rixos Hotel is abuzz with holiday spirit. A Mediterranean casual diner at the heart of JBR is met with friendly smiles and a dining area complete with attention to detail. Sea breeze caressing your face in this winter weather is all you need to celebrate your evening. The decor has been tastefully done in royal off-white shades and cutlery that goes with the style. What does it feel like? Well, French Riviera and Tuscan summers, to Andalusian evenings and the Greek archipelago! You know what that means, right?


Be assured of attention to your likes/dislikes and allergies. You can ask the chef to churn out something to suit your taste buds and not be disappointed.

Our waiter Shane knew his menu with through detail. With just a few questions of our likes and preferences, he was able to present us with a multitude of options to choose from. The menu comprised of just two pages with array of starters, salads, soups and so on. From the bartender to the regular waitress, everyone ensured we were comfortable and offered their greetings for a more personalized feel.


We started off with the ‘Clams Provençal’. Cooked in fresh herb cream with celery, the meat was succulent and moist, packed with flavor. The sauce was robust with the flavor of the clam stock.

The next dish we ordered was the ‘Prawns Pil Pil’. The prawns are tossed in white wine and oil with a touch of garlic, chilli flakes, cherry tomatoes and lemon served with a toasted ciabatta. This is served like a sizzler with the juices bubbling as it is served on your table. We found the prawns slightly overcooked to give it that rubbery of texture. However, if you like a pungent taste, the strong sauce can be to your liking. To help us get rid of the pungent taste, the bartender decided to surprise us with some in house mock-tails.We started with a refreshing fusion of pineapple and berries. Do try out their combination of lemon, cucumbers, pineapple, agave syrup and soda.

We would like to mention the ‘Lobster Bisque’ — a decadent lobster cream soup finished with poached lobster, tarragon and lemon. The flavor of tomatoes was quite dominant. Nothing out of the ordinary but still something different from your regular set of soups. It definitely had a rather generous serving of chunky pieces of lobster in it.

Main Course 

Cooking seafood is an art. You mess up the timing and the fish could turn absolutely dry and flavorless. You cook it too less and you could end up in the hospital particularly if its shell fish we’re talking about.

Riviera Beach Grill did not let us down. We ordered Grilled Salmon (Steak/220 grams) and Black Cod Fillet. The salmon steak was moist but flaky at the same time. The fish tasted as if it was caught moments before being served on our table. Served with a healthy portion of garlic butter and half a roasted lemon, everything beautifully went together.

The outer skin was salted to perfection. Crispy but not one bit overcooked.

The Black Cod Filet was something out of the world and will be my most recommended dish from the lot. Packed with flavor with a melt-in-your-mouth kind of sensation, each bite makes you look forward to the next one.

Recommended sides include the standard roasted vegetables, gremolata potatoes and fennel risotto.


Overall, the Riviera Beach Grill offers a stellar dining experience with a killer beach side view. Pricing could be a little better as some of the portions are quite small for the price paid but the chef definitely seems to go all out in giving your taste buds a mini vacation. Every dish we ordered was artistically served with a great combination of colors that were Instagram worthy. As a fish lover, be assured, Riviera Grill serving delicious Mediterranean dishes in a stunning setting will not disappoint you.

Average price for two is approximately AED 400.

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